A t-shirt quilt is a fun project you can make using your quilting machine with attached quilting extension table to make use of all those old, beloved t-shirts you have and turn them into a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

Great as a personalized gift for yourself or someone else, you can make one considerably faster and easier than other more complicated designs with a machine like the EverSewn Sparrow QE quilting machine and the necessary quilting supplies.

Step 1 - Decide the Square Size

Begin your t-shirt quilt project by deciding how large you want the finished quilt and individual squares to be.

The number of squares will depend on how many shirts you plan on using and how much of each t-shirt you plan to use.

Ultimately, you should choose a block size that allows you to cut the same size piece from each t-shirt that will fully include the imprinted design.

Step 2 - Cut the T-Shirt Squares

As with all projects made with a quilting machine, measuring and cutting the squares so they are the same size and centered on your chosen design is the part that requires some extra attention.

This is critical considering once you’ve cut the t-shirt, you can’t redo it.

Using your favorite quilting supplies including a quilter's ruler, a rotary wheel, and a cutting mat, measure twice or even three times to be certain that you are cutting correctly, then carefully cut your squares.

You can also make a cardboard template sized to quickly mark out your cuts on the shirts, then adjust as needed.

Step 3 - Assemble the Quilt Top Squares

Once all your squares have been cut, determine if you are going to include a border around each square; if so, cut the strips and you can begin assembling the quilt top and stitching them together on your EverSewn Sparrow QE quilting machine.

If you’re just going to sew the squares together without a border around each one, start piecing them together one-by-one.

If your machine has a quilting extension table, this is the perfect time to use it as the quilt top starts to take shape.

Step 4 - Assemble and Stitch the Quilt Sandwich

After you’ve completed the quilt top, it’s time to make the sandwich just as you would with any other quilt; measure and trim your backing and batting, lay the assembled t-shirt quilt top on the stack, then pin it all together.

With everything secured, take the sandwiched quilt to your machine and start quilting.

Choose whatever pattern you’d like as long as you do enough quilting to keep the layers together and prevent the softer, more stretchy t-shirt fabric from stretching out of shape as the quilt gets used.

Step 5 - Add A Border

Last of all, add a nice binding around the whole thing and it’s done, ready to lay on a bed or wrap up in.

A One-of-a-Kind T-Shirt Quilt

If you’ve got boxes of old, favorite t-shirts or know someone who does, put them to use once more in a t-shirt quilt sewn on your quilting machine.

These quilts are very basic projects that only require some quilting supplies and a machine like the EverSewn Sparrow QE; the end result is a personalized, useful heirloom that you or your gift recipient will love dearly!

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