We are here to talk about Janome sewing machines and there many advantages. Janome has long been hailed as one of the best manufacturers of sewing machines the world has ever seen. As we carry many models and styles of Janome sewing machines, we have a specific one to talk about today. The Janome 1600P-DBX High Speed Machine With Built-In Auto Thread Cutter is a highly desired machine in the industry.

This fabulous Janome sewing machine has an automatic thread cutter and a DB needle. This means that the thread can be cut with the thread cutter that is already installed. Now doesn’t this sound advantageous to you? With a side-loading, industrial made, rotary hook, this baby is really easy to use, and use fast. It not only has dual sewing lights for better vision, but it has an extra large 9″ by 5″ work area; this makes it a sewing machine with remarkable capabilities.

The pre-tension on this Janome 1600P-DBX High Speed Machine is wonderful for avid users. It has a knee lift that is very comfortable and sealed bearings on the shafts, which are also reliable, durable, and can work under high speeds. This is one of your best options to buy a sewing machine online, which is why we recommend it with everything we got. You’ll find that the speed and safety to which you can work will impress you greatly!