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Sometimes it is the smallest details that make garments that are sewn using home sewing machines look the most professional. Belt loops are one such detail that are not only functional, but add that great finishing touch to your garments. Since they are so simple as to sew by using Janome sewing machines like the Janome 2212, you can make great looking belt loops to finish off your pants and skirts in no time.

Belt Loop Basics

Belt loops are strips of fabric sewn on sewing machines and attached to the waist of a garment to form a loop used to hold a belt in place. They are made from the same fabric being used for the rest of the garment and attached around the waist at the side seams, front, back, and sometimes in between those areas if more loops are desired.

The longer the waistline on your garment, the more belt loops you should create to ensure they do what they are designed to do, which is keep your belt in place.

Making Belt Loops for Your Garments

Sewing belt loops from fabric by using Janome sewing machines is very easy. Use the simple instructions below to make as many belt loops as needed for your garment:

  • Measure - First determine how long each belt loop must be. Measure the width of the belt that will pass through the loop, then add 1 inch to that length.
  • Multiply - Once you have determined the total length of one loop, multiply this dimension by the amount of loops you want to add to the garment. Cut a strip of fabric to this length. The width of the fabric strip should be the width that you want your belt loop multiplied by three. Cut along the selvage so you are working with one finished edge.
  • Fold and Press - Fold the fabric strip edges inward with the raw edge being encased in the fold. The fabric will be folded into three layers at this point, with the selvage showing and the raw edge hidden. Press the fabric to keep the fold in position before stitching.
  • Stitch and Cut - Carefully topstitch over the front side of the folded and pressed fabric along both edges with your Janome 2212. Cut the stitched strip into multiple individual pieces to your predetermined belt loop length.

Attaching Belt Loops To Garments

Once the more difficult part of creating the belt loops is done, it is time to quickly and easily add them to the garment. Measure around the waistline marking where you want to add your belt loops. Then fold over the ends of the belt loop strips by ¼ inch and press flat. Put one strip in position over one of the waistline marks and then topstitch twice over the folded ends of the loop.

You can use a zigzag stitch to tack the belt loop ends down on sportier garments that need a little more securing. If you are attaching belt loops while making the garment, you can stitch the bottom end of the loop into the lower waistband seam to give it a more professional look.

So there you have it. Making functional, attractive belt loops that are sewn by using sewing machines like the fun Janome 2212 could not be easier. When you add finishing touches like belt loops to the garments you make on Janome sewing machine, you will be  happier with the results. Your garments will look like you bought them right off the rack!

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