There are all kind of sewing machine supplies available to purchase; some are obvious and some are a bit more inventive. One such item that can be conveniently used in a number of ways when sewing on Janome sewing machines like the Janome DC2014 is freezer paper. Yes, standard freezer paper that is used to wrap food. This paper actually has a number of great uses for sewing as well.

What Is Freezer Paper?

Freezer paper is a special type of clear food storage paper that has a waxy, plastic film on one side. It is used to freeze food so the food does not stick to the wrapping and can be found in any supermarket or grocery store near the food wraps. So what does freezer paper have to do with sewing? With its one waxy side and one plain, uncoated side, freezer paper is very handy for projects being created on a Janome DC2014. At only a few dollars a roll, it is also one of the least expensive sewing supplies to have on hand.

Use As An Iron On Fabric Template

The easiest way to use freezer paper in sewing is as a fabric template for cutting out accurate pattern pieces. This is doneby tracing the pattern piece onto the plain side of the paper, then cutting it out and ironing the piece of paper coating side down onto the fabric. With the pattern template securely adhered to the fabric, cut out the pattern piece and then peel back the paper to remove it.

Freezer paper leaves no residue, making it a great option for precisely cutting out pattern pieces on any fabric, especially those fine fabric that can be more challenging to cut. With the fabric securely to the paper, there will be less movement that could create uneven or ruined pieces.

Use to Protect Original Pattern Pieces

Besides being a useful aid for cutting pattern pieces to be sewn on Janome sewing machines, freezer paper can also be used to preserve delicate pattern originals themselves. A favorite pattern that is frequently used may start to fray or tear after a certain amount of time when it is repeatedly pinned to fabric. When using the method referenced above, it is easier to cut out pieces for sewing and reduces wear on the pattern itself. After tracing the shape and all pattern marks onto the paper, put the original away for safe keeping and work with the duplicate.

Use As An Embroidery Design Stencil

Freezer paper can also work as a temporary, tear away stencil on the working side of a machine embroidery design. After tracing the design shapes onto the plain side of the paper, iron it onto the fabric, then hoop only the fabric. The stencil, which is stuck to the face of the fabric, will act as a secure stitching template that is easily pulled away afterward. Rather than marking on the fabric itself, many find this method to work just as well.

Although it may seem unlikely, freezer paper is one of those must-have sewing supplies that should be in everyone’s kit. This simple household item makes cutting out and protecting pattern pieces much easier, allowing sewers the ability to start stitching much more quickly on their Janome sewing machines. Whether working with standard machines like the Janome DC2014, or using an embroidery machine, a roll of freezer paper can be a sewer's best friend!

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