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Zippers are one of the most popular notions used when making garments and other items with a Janome 2212. They are easy to put in and provide a great, sturdy closure for skirts, jackets, tote bags, and countless other items made using Janome sewing machines. Yet what many may not realize is that these simple sewing machine notions come in a variety of types, offering different uses and qualities. Before deciding what type of zipper is the right one, consider the available styles and choose the one that offers the best function for the project.

Basic Zipper Construction

All zippers are made from the same four basic components in order to function properly. These components are the teeth, tape, pull, and stop. The teeth are manufactured onto the tape and hold everything together. The pull is what slides up and down to open and close the zipper. Most  have one or two end stops, although some may not have any.

The tape is used for attaching the zipper to the fabric by sewing it with a zipper attachment on a  Janome 2212 sewing machine. It is always made of fabric; however, the teeth, pulls, and stops can be made from plastic or metal. Nickel and brass are commonly used metal varieties.

Zipper Pull Types

Besides being made from a variety of material, these convenient sewing machine notions can have different types of pulls. The standard pull used in most applications is one-way; it opens and closes from the same end point. There are also head-to-head varieties with stops on both ends and two pulls that meet in the middle of the tape. These zippers are commonly used on tote bags. Coverall zippers also use two pulls but have no end stops. The pulls work from the ends to the center of the tape, making them useful on jackets, where opening both the top and bottom is desirable.

Separating or Non-Separating Zippers

Zippers are also available in two types that correlate with whether they can or cannot be separated after they are stitched with quality Janome sewing machines. Standard zippers are used for clothing, bags, and similar items and are non-separating. This means that the pull opens up to where a stop is in place, keeping the fabric together beyond the stop. A separating zipper has no bottom stop, so the pull comes off the teeth to allow each side of the fabric to separate completely. This is the type used on coats and jackets.

Visible and Invisible Zippers

Most zippers are designed so the teeth and pulls are visible on the fabric; however, there are some that are not. Invisible zippers are constructed so that when stitched onto the surrounding fabric, the teeth and pulls are hidden beneath a fold of fabric. This variety is commonly used for closures on pants, skirts, and other garments where hiding the zipper yields a cleaner, more professional look.

When choosing the right zipper for projects made using great Janome sewing machines like the Janome 2212 sewing machine, it is important to understand the type of closure required. After choosing the most functional style, sewists can look at other details such as construction material, tape colors, and whether the closure should be invisible or not. Although it may seem like just about any zipper should do for a project, these important sewing machine notions should be carefully selected to produce the right closure with the right look!

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