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Snaps make strong closures for a variety of projects made on sewing machines. They come in a variety of styles and are easy to use. When you need a closure that is secure but want to avoid the whole buttonhole process with Juki sewing machines like the Juki HZL DX5, snaps are a great choice.

Snaps Are Simple, Versatile Closures

Snaps have become one of the more popular closures used today on items made with sewing machines, along with buttons and zippers. Snaps are great closures for clothing, purses, totes, and all kinds of home accessories and other useful items. They are most commonly made of metal but also available in nylon or plastic. They are especially convenient for baby clothes or anything that needs a secure closure that is also durable and easy to open and close.

Different Snap Types for Different Uses

Depending on the item and type of use it will see, there are many kinds of snaps in countless sizes you can incorporate into the projects you sew with your Juki HZL DX5. They all fit into three main categories:

  • Two-Part Sew-In Snaps - Sew-in snaps consist of two parts: a ball and a socket, both of which are stitched to the fabric. The socket part is sewn face up onto one side of a fabric opening while the ball part is sewn face down to the other side of the opening. Sew-in snaps are almost invisible from the outside of the item other than the thread used to hold the ball part in place. Because they are easily hidden, sew-in snaps are preferred for clothing and other items when keeping the closure covered is important.
  • Four-Part No-Sew Snaps - No-sew snap sets are made with four parts and hold themselves in place without the need for stitching. The sets consist of a socket and ball part like the sew-in types and two prong or post parts that hold them in. To apply them, you must push the prongs or posts through the fabric and through the ball or socket piece so the fabric is sandwiched between them. The snap is then set using a snap fastening tool or special pliers. Since they are pressed in and set, the snap caps remain visible. The main disadvantage of using no-sew snaps is that they permanently damage the fabric once they are set in, although post snaps cause less damage than prong snaps.
  • Snap Tape - Snap tape is a long strip of twill fabric that is pre-set with evenly spaced ring cap snaps. These tapes, which are sewn into garments using Juki sewing machines, come with two sides: a socket side and a ball side. Snap tape can be more convenient when putting in multi-snap openings as it only involves stitching the tape into place. They also eliminate any fabric damage since the snaps are already set into the twill tape.

Specialty Snaps

There are a number of specialty snaps available on the market to make a strong closure that is also attractive or even invisible. Plastic two-part sew-in snaps can be purchased in different colors to blend into the fabric or even made from colorless clear nylon.

You can also use purchased or homemade covered snaps that are completely hidden by the fabric other than the small ball and socket. Four-part no-sew snaps, popular for some garments, outerwear, and useful items, can be found with decorative and fabric-covered snaps. Magnetic four-part snaps are also available.

As you can see, there are many great snap options to consider when adding closures to clothing and other items made with quality Juki sewing machines. Snaps are durable, easy to set in, and produce convenient closures for projects made with great personal sewing machines like the Juki HZL DX5. If you need something other than a button or zipper closure, there is a snap out there that is perfect for your project!

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