Machine embroidery and quilting are two highly creative things you can do with some fabric and thread.

Combined, you can create some truly amazing and unique quilts adorned with fancy embroidery if you know the secrets to doing it.

Use these tips and you’ll be amazed at the great things that can be done by using an embroidery machine with your quilting project to get a gorgeous mixed-technique finish!

How Do You Use An Embroidery Machine For A Quilt?

Embroidery machines can stitch amazing thread designs on many kinds of fabrics.

Used the right way, they can also be used for quilting in the hoop.

By stitching up multiple quilt blocks and then assembling them afterward, you can make quilts large or small by combining the two processes.

There are three different techniques for quilting in the hoop with an embroidery machine, just choose the one that will work best for your individual project:

  • Embroider First - Put your quilt top and stabilizer in an embroidery machine hoop to stitch your design on the whole top, then make the quilt sandwich and carefully pin it together, securing it bit by bit under the hoop to add the quilting stitches until the whole thing is finished.
  • Quilt First - Make your quilt blocks first, then use a simple running stitch to assemble them on the embroidery machine.
  • Embroider and Quilt Together - Use embroidery stitches as the quilting by pinning the quilt sandwich together, placing that in a hoop, then embroider through all three layers, moving the quilt around until it is quilted using your chosen embroidery stitch or design decorating the whole thing.

The Little Details Are The Key

Hooping is the main challenge in any kind of machine embroidery and this is no different using the embroidery machine for quilting.

You’ll get the best results from an embroidery machine like the Melco Amaya Bravo 16 Needle by paying attention to these critical details:

  • Use A Large Hoop - Since you’ll be working on small sections of the quilt at a time, choose the largest hoop you can find so you can move it around and re-hoop fewer times.
  • Go Light with Stabilizer and Batting - Embroidering through multiple layers of fabric can be a bit challenging. Reduce thread tension issues by choosing a mesh type of stabilizer if possible and using a lighter weight cotton batting that feels great but reduces drag on the stitching or choose a combination batting/stabilizer product that’s available for just this usage.
  • Watch Thread Tension - When using an embroidery machine for quilting, you’ll be changing thread tension a few times throughout the process depending on what method you use and how many layers you’re stitching through. Test the tension each step of the way so you get perfect stitches throughout.
  • Clip Threads Manually - Don’t use the automatic thread clipper; trim by hand so you can clip closer and leave your blocks or quilt looking neater and more finished.

Create Amazing Quilts With An Embroidery Machine!

Embroidery machines can be lots of fun to use; however, it can seem as though you are limited in what else you can actually do with them.

With these easy techniques, you can turn any embroidery machine from a sewing/embroidery combo to a professional Melco Amaya Bravo machine into a machine that quilts too.

Using creative embroidery designs and decorative stitches, you can make a luxurious, fancy quilt that’s one step above anything you can make on a standard quilting machine!