Fabric covered buttons are a great addition to any project made on sewing machines like the Juki HZL LB5100. Frequently made with a kit, these cute accessories can also be made quite easily without a kit by using some sewing machine supplies that most sewers already have. After finishing a beautiful project created using a great Juki sewing machine, add a little style with a cute fabric covered button.

Making Fabric Covered Buttons With A Kit

A popular addition to anyone’s collection of sewing machine supplies is a covered button kit. These kits are so easy to use, it is one of the fastest ways to turn ordinary closures into fancy garment-matching ones in a flash. Kits are available in various common sizes and include everything required to make a button other than the fabric. Different kits may include different parts, but they all work in basically the same way.

Using the included template, trace out a circle of fabric, then cut it out. Place fabric right side up over the domed metal button top, then insert the edge of the circle down into the rubber mold so the fabric edges are inside of the top. Gather and tuck all the edges neatly into the dome inside the mold, then place the metal button bottom on top of it all.

Using the included pusher, push the bottom down into the mold and into the dome until hearing or feeling a little click or snap. This means the back has seated properly to hold the fabric in place. Now the completed button, which should have a nice, smooth top with neatly tucked edges, can be removed from the mold and used. Add these fancy new buttons to any garment being finished on Juki sewing machines like the Juki HZL LB5100.

Making Fabric Covered Buttons Without A Kit

Button covering kits are inexpensive and convenient; they do come in a variety of different sizes. When ones are desired for a project, it is definitely possible to make fabric-covered buttons from scratch without needing to go buy a covered button kit by using the following directions.

  • Find a button that is the desired size to use as a base.
  • Cut out a circle of preshrunk fabric that is large enough to wrap around this base completely to the back.
  • Trim the circle, find a needle and thread, knot the end of the thread, and weave it in and out of the fabric about a quarter inch or so from the edge.
  • Stitch around the entire circle, ending where the first stitch was made.
  • Put the button base in the center of the fabric, then pull the thread like a drawstring, tightening it around the base. Secure with a few more stitches to hold the fabric in place, then knot the thread at the end.

By using this technique, almost anyone should be able to create a cute covered button in any size, even without a kit. In addition, it is possible to make padded buttons or cover a carved pattern on the base button by adding felt under the fabric before sewing it on.

Before deciding to use a plain button on a bag or garment that has just been finished on a Juki HZL LB5100, think about adding a fabric-covered button instead. Made with a kit, or by hand using common sewing machine supplies, this little bit of extra effort can add to the quality of any project made on Juki sewing machines!

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