You have finally dedicated a room in your house to be your new sewing space. Yet as anxious as you may be to get your sewing cabinets in there and start working, do yourself a favor. Take a little time to plan this space, including where to set your Arrow 98701 Bertha cabinet to make the most efficient use of it. To have useable sewing space, you must take more into account than just the placement of Arrow sewing cabinets.

Experiment with the Layout

Before you start setting up your sewing cabinets and storage shelves, consider what would be the most useful floor plan for your furnishings. Think about things like the location of the outlets, any windows in the room, and closet openings. Then plan how to make the best use of the wall and floor areas.

Pay attention to the placement of workstations so they are easy to access. You can use floorplan software or even paper cutouts made to size to get a better idea of how things might look within the space to determine the perfect layout.  

Leave Enough Work Space

When deciding on your room layout, make sure you have more than enough space around each of the various workstations so you can use them comfortably. Squeezing into work areas that are too small is not only inconvenient but can affect your work as well.

Light It Up

Good lighting is essential for sewing. Natural light is the best light to work with; however, not every room has this benefit. Lighting over your Arrow 98701 Bertha cabinet and other workstations is recommended. You can supplement this lighting as needed with floor lamps and task lighting. Use bulbs designed to mimic natural lighting or bright white bulbs.

Organize Your Supplies

Once Arrow sewing cabinets have been positioned in the room, find the most efficient ways to organize all your supplies. Use standing and wall shelves as necessary, along with a variety of containers. Consider a file drawer for patterns and drawer organizers or pegboards for thread.

Arrange fabric in bins, on a rack with hangers, or any other way you find to keep it neat, yet visible. Use the space available in most sewing cabinets to store your sewing machine accessories and other important items.

Keep Your Essentials Close By

Make sure the supplies you use most often are handy to reach. Keep craft organizers or totes filled with the appropriate tools and accessories near your sewing table, cutting station, and pressing station. With the items you reach for the most within arm’s reach, your work will never be interrupted by having to search for an essential sewing need.

Make It Look Great

Your sewing room is a space for creativity. Inspire your creativity by painting the room a bright, happy color and dressing it up with inspirational items. A whimsical set of drapes and some art prints that appeal to your creative senses are perfect additions. A few plants can make any room look cheery as well. Whatever look you have been dreaming about for your sewing room can be brought to life to make it and enjoyable work space.

Sewing rooms are more than just a place to set up sewing cabinets like the Arrow 98701 Bertha. They are creative workspaces that must both inspire you and provide the environment you need to work on your sewing projects. Take time in the beginning to plan your sewing space, starting with the placement of your Arrow sewing cabinets, so the sewing room is set up exactly how you need it to be!

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