For anyone who enjoys making clothing, adding buttons can be time-consuming if done by hand. Fortunately, many of today’s computerized sewing machines such as the Janome 8900QCPSE include a convenient stitching function that makes adding these essential items to any garment easier than ever. With Janome sewing machines, closures can be quickly added to any project by using the following tips.

Use a Button Foot

A button foot is designed to secure buttons in place for stitching with a sewing machine. The foot sits on top of the button and the fabric and holds it in position while the stitching is done. Most machines that offer a button sewing function, including the Janome 8900QCPSE, come with a button foot. If one is not available with a particular machine, one can usually be found elsewhere. When no foot is available, another option is to use a piece of tape at the top and bottom of the button to secure it to the fabric.

Set the Machine Settings

Once the special foot is attached and the button has been secured beneath it, set the machine up as follows:

  • Number of Holes - Depending on the button, set the machine to stitch either two or four holes accordingly. Set the stitch pattern for the various holes as well.
  • Stitch Length - Change the stitch length to zero. On some sewing machines, it may also be necessary to drop the feed dogs so they sit under the throat plate and do not advance the fabric while sewing a button.
  • Stitch Width - After setting the stitch length to zero, set the stitch width to equal the space between the holes on the button. When setting stitch width, use the hand wheel to roll the needle down through one hole, then position the fabric and button so the needle enters cleanly. Continuing with the hand wheel, let the machine move the needle into position for the next hole. Adjust the width until the stitch is wide enough so the needle passed easily between the two holes.

Sew Buttons

The main task in sewing buttons on a garment using sewing machines like the Janome 8900QCPSE is proper settting of the stitch width and pattern. After setting the machine and using the hand wheel to test everything, continue stitching on that first button with the foot pedal until it is secured onto the fabric. Go very slowly for 10 or so passes, which should be more than enough to keep the button secure. Then clip the thread and move on.

Once the sewing machines has been set up, it is simple to add the remaining buttons to the garment. Just set them in position one-by-one on the fabric, put the button foot down to hold them in place, then slowly run the needle to stitch the button onto the fabric.

By using these easy instructions, anyone using a sewing machine such as a Janome 8900QCPSE should have should be able to set up their units for easy button sewing. The technique should be the same with most sewing machines; however, refer to the user manual to confirm setup instructions. After using the button sewing function a time or two, anyone who creates their own garments should be able to attach buttons faster and easier than ever before!

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