One of the great things about sewing with sewing machines is the many ways in which fabric can be decorated. There are decorative fabrics, trims, and appliqués of all kinds that can be used to embellish any project. Another way to add a decorative touch to projects sewn on Janome sewing machines, like the Janome MC12000, is by topstitching. Most topstitching is simple to do and can add a professional-looking touch to any sewing project.

What Is Topstitching?

Topstitching is any form of decorative stitching done on the top side of a sewing project so the stitches are visible on the final sewn piece. There are many different types of topstitching, from straight stitches to stitched patterns and shapes. Technically, edge stitching and embroidery embellishment are both types of topstitching, since the finished results are visible on the top of the project.

What Kind of Machine Is Needed to Do Topstitching?

Simple topstitching can be done with any sewing machine by using a plain straight stitch and a standard presser foot. Some sewing machines offer various stitch options that look quite attractive when used as topstitching. These machines may be able to sew zigzag, stars, and various types of more complex stitches that look decorative when used as topstitching. For more advanced shapes and designs, an embroidery machine like the Janome MC12000 may be necessary. A ¼” presser foot (also called a patchwork foot) may be helpful to those doing a lot of topstitching along the edges of their fabric to keep the stitching straight; but it is not required.

What Type Of Thread Is Best for Topstitching?

Topstitching can be done with any standard thread; however, it looks best when done with special topstitching thread. Thread designed specifically for topstitching is a bit thicker than standard thread and is made from various materials to produce different looks. It is generally available in bolder, decorative colors. It may be necessary to change the needle on the machine to a larger one with a larger eye. Topstitching looks best when it is sewn in a thread color that contrasts with the fabric; however, the actual color choice is up to the sewer. Thread that matches the fabric can create a nice textural design.

Getting the Best Results With Topstitching

After choosing the preferred thread type and color, those who are topstitching on a machine like Janome sewing machines should consider a few important tips for the best results. Always test sewing machine settings on a piece of scrap fabric to ensure the topstitching comes out as expected. Press seams before topstitching to help maintain a straight edge to follow with the machine. Press fabric after topstitching as well, to flatten any fabric puckers. Sew slowly when topstitching, since sewing too fast can affect the quality of the stitch and stretch it out. Last of all, never backstitch when starting or ending, as this can be unsightly. Leave a long tail that can be tied off and trimmed.

Like other techniques done on sewing machines, topstitching may take a little practice to perfect; however, the results are worth the effort. By using high quality Janome sewing machines, sewers can easily add a decorative flair to their garments so they stand out from the rest. Those who especially enjoy topstitching, and do a lot of it may want to consider investing in a Janome MC12000 that offers decorative stitching, or even embroidery capability!

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