Of all the worries a person has when using sewing machines like the Janome 8200QCP, none is more daunting than the fear of cutting the fabric incorrectly. One slip with the fabric shears and a project could be ruined and the fabric wasted. Yet avoiding these kind of unfortunate mistakes can be done by following a simple process that will guarantee always cutting material correctly with no wasted fabric. The best way to get past the cutting and get to actually sewing on quality Janome sewing machines is to stay calm and follow the simple step-by-step procedure referenced below.

Wash and Press the Fabric

A mistake that many people make is trying to cut fabric without properly preparing it for sewing on sewing machines. This could affect projects in a variety of ways when the fabric is washed and other things happen, like shrinkage. Always begin by first washing and drying fabric that could shrink, then pressing all fabric straight and flat. Measuring without the wrinkles makes for a more accurate cut.

Use the Right Tools

Another important concern when cutting fabric is using the proper tools so the fabric is not damaged. A sharp pair of fabric shears is essential in preventing crooked cuts, fraying, or other problems that dull shears can cause. Cutting should be nearly effortless to prevent the possibility of the fabric shifting while it is being cut. Along these same lines, always use sharp pins that will pierce easily without snagging fabric and pulling threads.

Follow Pattern Instructions

When working with patterns in preparation for sewing on sewing machines such as the Janome 8200QCP, always make sure to first read the instructions over carefully before doing anything else. Pay attention to the directional arrows and other markers on the pattern itself, then lay out and pin the pattern pieces. The various marks put on the pattern pieces are there so the pattern can be properly laid on the fabric and the fabric pieces properly cut. These marks should always be used to help ensure all fabric is cut in the right way.

Match Selvages Carefully

Many times a pattern will call for fabric to be folded so that multiples of the same pattern pieces can be cut at the same time. To avoid wasting fabric and to ensure that all pattern pieces actually fit on the fabric for cutting, match selvages as closely as possible when folding and smooth the fabric out flat to remove any wrinkles. By doing this, cuts will be most accurate and there should be no surprises while actually cutting the fabric and getting it ready for sewing on Janome sewing machines.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

"Measure twice, cut once" is an old, but invaluable saying, especially when it comes to sewing. Once the pattern is laid out and pinned but prior to the first cut, go over everything a second time. The extra time it will take is well worth the chance to pick up on an unnoticed mistake in pinning or fabric preparation that could otherwise end up being very costly.

A great looking garment sewn on Janome sewing machines requires some careful basic preparations before beginning, a proper fabric cutting being one of them. By using these simple, yet important tips for careful fabric preparation, anyone who sews on a Janome 8200QCP or any other brand of sewing machine can cut without fear and create the best project possible!

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