In our last couple of blogs, we have focused on giving you tips for quilting with your sewing machine. Of course you could purchase a quilting machine if you wanted to, but luckily, you can get the job done with your favorite cheap sewing machine as well, and the following list of tips will help:

  • Come up with a plan- Don’t start quilting out of nowhere; make sure that you have a plan in place. Draw your quilt out on a piece of paper. If you aren’t comfortable doing it this way, you can use a quilt design software, like Electric Quilt, on your computer to help you make a design you will love!
  • Stick with similar thread colors- It can look great to use threads that are a different color than your material, but if you are new to quilting, it is best to stick with similar colors. This way, if and when you make a mistake, it won’t be very visible to others! When you get a little bit more experience under your belt, it is safe to make your stitches stand out by using contrasting colors.
  • Fill in the background- You don’t have to pick an intricate design to end up with a quilt that you will love! Choose a simple design and fill in the background with lots of texture. This is an easy way to get a professional result.
  • Be confident- Quilting takes a lot of practice and hard work. Go into it with confidence and a can-do attitude, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. After all, how can you learn from your mistakes if you never make them?