Creating garments or other items by using sewing machines is fairly easy once a person knows how to actually use the machine. One little detail that many sewers may not know is the fact that choosing the right sewing machine needle is just as important as learning the right way to use machines such as the Janome Magnolia 7318.

To get the best results with any sewing project, it is important to always use the right sewing machine supplies, including sewing machine needles, to provide a finished look to any sewing project. Of all of these supplies, it is most important to find the right needle for each project.

Not All Sewing Machine Needles Are Alike

From a few feet away, almost every needle made for sewing machines looks the same. In truth, there are many different kinds of needles for sewing machines, each with its own distinct qualities and purpose. While it is entirely possible to use a generic needle for many sewing projects, some projects require specific needles to prevent damage to the fabric or avoid leaving large needle holes behind . Which needle should be used depends on certain factors, including thread size, fabric weight, and the type of stitches being sewn.

Understanding Sewing Machine Needles

There are a few main qualities that anyone choosing needles for their sewing machines should learn about in order to help them choose the right one. These qualities are:

  • Needle Size - Sewing machine needles are sized using a two-number code that indicates the diameter of the needle shaft in both European and U.S. needle sizes. Sizes range from the very thin 60\8, which is a somewhat flexible needle for very fine fabric to the 120/19, which is a thicker needle used on heavyweight fabrics.

  • Needle Types and Use - There are many different types of needles available today for use on Janome Magnolia 7318 machines as well as other sewing machines. Some of the basic types are:
    • Universal
    • General-purpose
    • Ball point for sewing knit and jersey fabric
    • Quilting
    • Sharp point for very fine fabrics
    • Embroidery
    • Topstitching
    • Metallic thread

Besides the needles referenced above, there are special needles for serger machines, spring needles, twin and triple needles for sewing multiple threads at once, and a number of others.

How to Choose the Right Needle

Before beginning any sewing project, it is essential to choose the right needle. Of the many choices available, the best needle for any sewing project is one that has a hole large enough to accommodate the thread required for the project as well as a tip designed for sewing on a specific type of fabric. Needle width generally correlates with these two determining factors, since thread weight is also usually determined by the type of fabric, and how fine it is. Specialty needles are used with the appropriate thread according to the desired stitch effect.

Sewing machines such as the Janome Magnolia 7318 may do all the mechanical work; however, without the right needle, the results could be less than perfect. To get the best results with any sewing project, always use the right sewing machine supplies including sewing machine needles. This includes matching the thread type to the fabric and choosing the right sewing needles to correspond with both the fabric and thread. Sewers will get neat, tight stitches and strong seams, regardless of the type of fabric being used!

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  • Universal
  • General-purpose needles
  • Ball point needles for sewing knit and jersey fabric
  • Quilting needles
  • Sharp point needles for very fine fabrics
  • Needles to use sewing denim and leather
  • Embroidery needles
  • Topstitching needles
  • Needles for sewing metallic thread