Quilting is one of those hobbies that can accumulates a huge amount of supplies and accessories over time.

The problem is that when you’re working on a quilting machine which can take up a lot of space like a Grace machine and frame combo, organization is essential.

Check out these helpful tips on how to keep a quilting space orderly in order to always find what you need ;when you need it without all those supplies and stashes interfering in the process!

1. Keep Tools Organized And Accessories Handy

Between measuring, cutting, pressing, and different quilting machine presser feet, there are likely a lot of tools and machine accessories spread all over your space.

Organize them and prevent wasted time looking for things by setting up wall-mounted hangers and trays near all workstations and adding accessory containers in your sewing cabinet.

Keep rulers and marking tools hung near the cutting table, machine accessories contained in the sewing cabinet, and scissors in the different spots you use them a lot.

2. Corral Templates and Patterns With A System

Patterns and quilting templates can take over flat surfaces or become lost or damaged if you don’t find a good way to contain them.

Both can be easily stored using a file system in a clear plastic bin or an actual file cabinet or arrange patterns in a three-ring binder using page protectors and tabs between separate patterns.

If you keep a lot of digital patterns, download those to an inexpensive thumb drive and keep them in the same binders with a printout of the pattern and instructions filed with it.

The same goes for favorite patterns from magazines; tear out the pattern the magazine, then put it in a page protector and file it in a binder.

3. Manage Magazines And Books

Like patterns, you probably have lots of how-to books and magazines for inspiration for coming up with unique quilting projects.

The easiest way to organize those where they will be out of the way but visible and easily accessible is on wall shelving or other types of shelving units.

Stack the books or get a set of bookends and contain all the magazines by title or topic or year in a magazine holder.

Storage cubes also make great book and magazine storage if you have the extra floor space.

4. Create A Fabric Storage System

If you have a lot of fabric waiting to be used for different projects as well as all those scraps that collect, create a filing type storage system for that.

Arrange by color, pattern, collection, or project, keeping your bunches folded on a set of shelves or contained in clear plastic bins and filed for easy access.

Scraps can be combined into bins by color range or pattern as well.

5. Clear Plastic Bins To The Rescue!

As they’ve already been mentioned in a few of the previous points, clear plastic storage bins, boxes, and totes are a quilter’s best friend for versatility and usefulness.

No matter what things are around your quilting machine workspace, there is a perfectly sized bin or box to organize it all and best of all, they stack well and make good use of allotted space.

Large or small, there is a plastic bin for it all!

6. Store Project Pieces Together

From start to finish, one project to be stitched on a quilting machine will have many, many parts to it.

Store all quilting project pieces together to keep them organized so nothing is lost, all in working order, or surfaces cleared so you can work on something else.

The aforementioned storage bins come to mind yet again as a good way to contain all project parts in a container to go back to whenever you need or take a break for a while without losing track of things.

7. Track Quilting Projects With A Planner

With so much consideration made on keeping items organized, have you ever thought about keeping different projects as a whole organized?

Quilting project planner sheets are perfect for just that.

Available online from various sources, these planners fit nicely into a binder and help track everything from fabric types and amounts when the needle was last changed on your quilting machine.

By marking each process step-by-step, you’ll never be lost if putting a project aside to work on something else and then go back to it later.

Keeping A Quilting Space Orderly Is A Breeze

Whether you quilt on a standard sewing machine or use a larger model like the Grace Q'nique 15R Midarm, it’s easy to clutter your workspace with all the supplies and fabric needed for those projects.

Follow these easy and helpful tips so your space can stay neat and orderly while still having the room needed to sew.

Reduce the stress of a messy space as well as the cost and frustration of lost items by simply putting a little time into organization!