Many of today’s computerized sewing machines such as the Janome 8900QCP SE include programming for making beautiful decorative stitching. These embellishments can really enhance a variety of projects, although making corners can be a bit confusing for some. By using the three easy methods below, anyone who does embellished stitching with their Janome sewing machines can make perfect corners without any problems.

Turning A Single Corner

The simplest way to use decorative stitching to make corners is to sew straight lines that meet at the corner intersection. This is easily done by drawing a diagonal line across the right side of the fabric from corner to corner with a ruler and fabric pencil, then using the lines as start and stop points.

Begin the first side by putting the needle down on the diagonal line at the preferred distance away from the edge and begin sewing. Stop just before reaching the diagonal line at the following corner. Lift the needle and presser foot, turn the fabric, then make a new line of stitches. Make 4 individual lines that each start and stop in the corner. The stitching will end in one direction, then start again in each new direction.

Turning A Continuous Corner

For making a continuous corner on Janome sewing machines, keep the same line of stitching going for a more precise look. With a ruler and fabric pencil, measure and mark out a square on the fabric where the stitching is desired. These lines mark the center of the stitching, so space them appropriately from the edge.

Next, position the fabric under the needle and put down the presser foot so the needle starts out properly in the first intersection of lines. Begin sewing, following the line as a guide. Slow down when approaching the next corner, then stop and lock the stitch with the needle up. If necessary, continue past the mark to complete an entire stitch, but continue only as far as half the length of the actual stitch. Lift the presser foot, turn the fabric, and align the fabric once more so the needle goes in right on the line. Put the foot down and continue sewing, using the same procedure at the next corner until all four corners are complete.

Continuous Corners with Stacked Stitches

Using more than one decorative stitch creates a stacked look that can be very attractive. To make a continuous corner with sewing machines like the Janome 8900QCP SE, start out by marking the fabric as referenced above, then draw out 45-degree lines from the guide intersections toward the edge of the fabric. In this instance, the drawn line indicates the edge of the innermost line of stitching as opposed to the center of the stitching.

With the angles drawn out in the corners, align the presser foot for the first stitch along the side of the ruler line, then work as mentioned above. This time, sew to the point at which the needle comes to the diagonal line in the next corner before locking the stitch and turning the fabric. Sew all the way around this way, then start with the next stitch further along the diagonal mark. Sew until reaching the diagonal mark, which will be further out than it was for the innermost stitch, and continue on. For each additional row of stitches made in the “stack,” use the diagonal line as the intersection, moving to that mark in each corner before turning.

When using the decorative stitching function on sewing machines like the Janome 8900QCP SE, getting the corners right can take some practice; however, learning how is well worth the effort. With the above techniques, anyone using Janome sewing machines, or other models that offer decorative stitching, can easily create projects with beautiful embellishments!

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