Embroidering with a personal machine like a Bernette or Janome embroidery machine can open the door to sewing creativity once you get the hang of this type of sewing.

It can be so much fun that you may find yourself eventually looking to upgrade from a sewing/embroidery combo machine to a dedicated model like a Ricoma embroidery machine.

No matter what your embroidery aspirations may be, starting out is always the same.

Check out these helpful machine embroidery tips no matter whether you’re using a basic model or an incredible Ricoma 10 Needle embroidery machine, so your projects turn out spectacularly!

1. Learn How to Select Stabilizers

Success with any Janome or Bernette embroidery machine involves first choosing the right stabilizer for the fabric you’re working with and the design you want to stitch.

There are many stabilizers available that can be applied in different ways, each of which is suitable for a different type of project.

Do some research at the start so you’ll know which stabilizer will fit your needs and when you need to look to a specialty type.

2. Choose the Right Machine Needle and Embroidery Thread

On a machine capable of making over a thousand stitches per minute, needle and thread selection are exceptionally important.

Depending on the design you want to stitch and what you want to stitch it on, there are a variety of needle choices and many types of thread with different looks as well as wash and wear qualities.

Ultimately, your thread must work for your chosen project and your needle must work for your thread and fabric.

3. Become Skilled at Hooping

Hooping, whether you’re using a home machine or a professional Ricoma 10 needle embroidery machine, takes some practice to get it right.

From hooping tension to how to hoop different fabrics, learn as much as you can by researching the process then practice by stitching test designs and learning from the results you get.

Proper hooping can be challenging, so take your time perfecting the process and learning different methods.

4. Always Test Embroidery Designs First

The perfect way to make sure you’ve got the right hoop and hooping technique as well as suitable thread and needles for your project is to test it on a scrap piece of your project fabric.

Adjust your design, test different threads and hooping tension, and make sure the needle works well for your project before you move on to trying the real thing on your good fabric.

5. Keep A Project Notebook

Getting things right with any embroidery machine involves lots of trial and error then making fine adjustments.

A convenient way to save yourself some time and aggravation as you become more experienced with your machine is to jot down notes about your projects, like what worked and what didn’t.

When you want to duplicate that design or even make a similar design, you can refer to your notes to bypass much of the trial and error you’ve already done.

6. Start With Something Small

Avoid becoming discouraged by taking on too much at the beginning by starting with smaller projects and building up from there.

As you learn techniques and how to choose the right supplies, you will perfect those smaller projects while gaining the skills to move up to larger ones as well as an advanced machine like a Ricoma.

7. Relax and Enjoy the Process

Above all, remember that there is a learning curve involved with using any embroidery machine; accept that you are going to make mistakes, strive to learn from them, and stay relaxed.

Enjoy the process and stay encouraged as you begin creating amazing works of thread art!

Learn From These Basic Essentials

Whether you plan on making simple embellishments for your sewing projects using a sewing/embroidery combo model like a Janome or Bernette embroidery machine or want to perfect your technique and buy a Ricoma 10 Needle embroidery machine, success comes from knowing the basics.

Using these tips, you should be able to gain the critical knowledge necessary to make stunning designs with your embroidery machine!

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