So, you’ve found the perfect sewing machine for sale, set up your sewing machine cabinet, and organized your craft room to perfection –now comes the hard part. It is easy to get all of your sewing supplies ready; the real struggle comes when you have a fully packed schedule with no time to sew! Finding time for creativity is important, but unfortunately it is often low on our priority lists. The following is a list of tips from our experts for finding time to sew:

  • Put it on your schedule- Don’t just squeeze sewing and creativity in between other tasks, schedule out time, so that you can really enjoy it! If you are savvy enough to multi-task you could even sew while you watch Grey’s Anatomy or the nightly news.
  • Forget about the guilt- Many people consider time spent sewing or doing a craft as selfish, and then they start to feel guilty about it. Before you let the guilt overtake you, take a moment to consider all of the good things that come from sewing. Not only are you making something you can use, but you are also allowing your mind to relax, which helps to ease the stress and worry from your day to day life!
  • Make your own space- It is all too easy to get distracted when you try to sew in the dining room or living room. Find a space in your home that is all yours, and it will be much easier to lock yourself in and start sewing.

Want more tips for making time to sew in a busy schedule? Be sure to stay tuned for our next blog!