If you read our last blog, then you already know that before you grab your wonderful sewing machine that you got for sale, you should always press your projects. We also discussed a couple of things that you should know in order to press your projects like a pro. To recap, we talked about the difference between pressing and ironing, and we also talked about using the right pressing tools for your project. But those aren’t the only tips you should know! The following is the rest of our tips for pressing like a pro:

  • Choose the correct temperature- Many people attempt to use the same temperature for pressing all types of fabric, but this is a mistake that should be avoided. Different fabrics require different temperatures, and if you accidentally turn your iron up too high, you could have a burn hole on your hands. For instance, if you are pressing linen, you generally want the temperature to be about 445 °F, but if you are pressing wool, you only want it to be around 300 °F. These temperatures are just a general guide, and it is important to always test a small piece of fabric before you press your project.
  • Don’t forget the spray starch- Though there is some debate in the sewing world about whether or not you should use spray starch on your projects, you should keep in mind that if you want very crisp lines or you are working with a difficult fabric, sometimes spray starch is your best option.