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Quilting using sewing machines like the Juki TL2010Q is a great hobby that almost anyone can learn. It may be a bit challenging at first; however, if a person uses the right tools, creating beautiful quilts with Juki sewing machines can be easier and more successful. Before making the first fabric cut, be sure to assemble the vital tools referenced below to ensure the best results with any quilting project.

Quilt Template Designing Supplies

Before cutting any fabric, it is important to come up with an attractive quilt design. Draw out block patterns on graph paper with clear rulers and drawing pencils, create sample blocks from paper, and then use a multi-viewing lens to get an idea of how they will look when laid out. Alternately, invest in a quilt designing program for the computer to create and test out blocks in that way. A lot of time and energy goes into making quilts on sewing machines, so it is best to spend up-front time deciding on the most attractive design.

Rotary Cutter and Mat

Quilting involves cutting out hundreds of small fabric pieces. For the best accuracy when trimming out all of these pieces, a rotary cutter is a far superior option over a pair of fabric shears. When used together with a cutting mat and rulers or templates, quilters can get through the cutting process quickly, creating straight and uniform fabric pieces. Rotary tools are available in multiple sizes so that even the smallest cuts can be accommodated by using the right one.  

Clear Plastic Rulers and Templates

When used along side the rotary cutter and mat, clear acrylic plastic rulers provide a sturdy edge for trimming out charms and trims from the fabric. In addition to the rulers, some quilters may want to invest in clear quilting templates to make cutting various shapes and curves easier.

Quilting Pins

A quilter can never have enough pins for securing the various fabric layers before stitching on a machine like the Juki TL2010Q. These pins are a bit different than standard sewing ones. They are easier to push through multiple layers of fabric and then back up again since they are slightly bent on one side, making them ideal for securing any quilt sandwich in preparation for sewing.

Pressing Iron

Besides cutting out many small fabric pieces, quilting also means doing a lot of pressing while stitching all the pieces together into a beautiful quilt top. Getting a straight one-quarter inch seam can be challenging, so it is always a good idea to press the seam allowance. Continue pressing the entire project to keep everything flat.

Some people finger press their pieces; however, using a pressing or a quilter’s iron (a miniature iron with a small pressing surface) is a much better idea. These irons are an inexpensive answer for creating great seams and straight, smooth fabric during the assembly process. They are convenient to use alongside Juki sewing machines as the top begins to take shape.

Quality Cotton Thread and Fabric

Although many different fabrics can be used to make quilts, 100 percent cotton responds best when machine sewing these projects. Today there is an endless supply of suitable cotton fabric as well as many brands of high-quality cotton quilting thread. Cotton thread is more durable than other types and when used with cotton fabric, creates straight and even stitches that always look good.

Seam Rippers

Everyone makes mistakes while sewing, even sewists with a lot of experience. A sharp seam ripper that is kept close to the machine will make undoing imperfect stitching fast and easy, reducing wasted time spent trying to correct the mistake.

Quilting with sewing machines is definitely a labor of love, as it can take many hours to finish one of these beautiful projects. From the designing phase to the final stitching on Juki sewing machines like the Juki TL2010Q, the tools noted above will help quilters achieve best results from their creative stitching efforts!

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