It may be a dream come true if you are lucky enough to have a spare room in your house to turn into a sewing room. Have you thought about how to set up this space by considering what type of sewing cabinets, storage, and other workstations you need?

No matter what kind of sewing you do, the goal is to keep everything close enough to your Arrow 98501 Sewnatra or other cabinet so it is convenient, yet far enough away to give you space. Try one of the convenient layouts discussed here so you will have a great set up for your Arrow sewing cabinets and the rest of your furniture and supplies.

Smaller Rooms - The Sewing Triangle

One common issue many sewists must deal with, even if they have a room to transform into a sewing room, is the amount of available working space. A smaller room is better than no room; however, this can make arranging sewing cabinets and workstations more challenging.

A convenient room layout that makes the best use of a smaller space is the sewing triangle. This is also a great room layout if you are a quilter and spend a good amount of time moving between sewing machine, cutting station, and pressing station.

The sewing triangle can comfortably accommodate your movement among three important work stations: a sewing cabinet such as the Arrow 98501 Sewnatra, a cutting table, and a pressing station.

With your cabinet set against one wall, make efficient use of space by setting the cutting station on the parallel wall, off to one side. The pressing station should be set along the joining perpendicular wall. These three stations form a triangle, making each station accessible with only a few steps between. Add other components where they fit and are most convenient based on their usage.

Larger Rooms - Optimizing the Space

If you have a larger room, you can spread out a little more. The sewing triangle is still a useful layout because it reduces the amount of back and forth movement while working on a project. Of course, you can extend or modify this set up. A little more distance between components could give you more room for Arrow sewing cabinets that open outward or have multiple work surfaces at a right angle.

Finding the Best Layout

Regardless of the amount of space you have to work with, a sewing room works best if it is set up comfortably with everything within easy reach. Rather than struggling to move your cabinet and other items around to test out different layouts, do this easily by creating scale shapes to represent each of your various components.

Using craft paper or cardboard, make cutouts the shape and dimensions of your furniture and lay them on the floor. Start out with the basic workstation triangle. Then move things around to find different layouts that may also work.

A sewing room is a place where you may spend hours working on sewing projects. Take advantage of this clean and more spacious environment. It will be a more workable area than setting up sewing cabinets in the living room or the corner of the dining room. By using Arrow sewing cabinets like the Arrow 98501 Sewnatra as the center of your room layout, you can arrange things just how you need them for a comfortable and convenient workspace!

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