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Thread breakage is a common problem that many sewists experience with their sewing machines. It can be frustrating, especially when it keeps happening, taking valuable time away from your project.

What should you do if the thread on your Janome Magnolia 7318 keeps breaking? Try the following tips to locate the source of the problem on Janome sewing machines so you can get back to your stitching!

Check the Thread Spool

One of the main causes of frequent thread breakage on all types of sewing machines is thread tension resulting from improper winding of the spool. This tends to happen with horizontal top spools that are secured with a spool pin. If you notice tension in your top thread or see thread winding around the spool pin, consider adding a vertical thread lift to allow the thread to flow freely off the spool.

Check the Bobbin and Case

The bobbin case and bobbin may also be the root of the problem. Check to make sure your thread is properly wound around the bobbin. If it does not lay smoothly, insert a fresh, properly wound bobbin. Inspect the bobbin case for damage that could be affecting how the thread is passing through it. Make sure the bobbin case is correctly tensioned as well. When the case is adjusted too tightly, it can cause thread breakage.  

Check the Needle Plate

The needle plate on Janome sewing machines can also be damaged, leaving a chewed-up edge around the opening. When the thread passes through a damaged needle plate, it can become frayed or break altogether. Replace the needle plate if you notice that the inner edge is not smooth.  

Rethread the Machine

Even though threading sewing machines is one of the first things that most sewists learn, we all make mistakes. Go back to your user manual and make sure you have been doing this correctly for your make and model. Also make sure your thread tension is properly set. Sometimes all it takes is rethreading your Janome Magnolia 7318 to alleviate the problem.

Proper Needle Selection

Are you using the right needle for your project? Improper needle choice is another common cause of frequent thread breakage. You must be sure that your needle has a large enough eye and channel for the thread you are using, as well as a tip that can cleanly pierce the fabric you are working with. If the needle on your Janome Magnolia 7318 is not right for the thread or fabric, chances are the thread will drag through the fabric and keep breaking.

Thread Considerations

When you have checked all of the above tips and are still having problems, it is time to consider yet another reason why you are experiencing breakage - using the wrong thread. Thread is made from a variety of fibers, in numerous thicknesses and in multiple qualities.

Higher quality threads are stronger and more durable, while lower quality threads are more likely to break. Certain fibers and thread types are more delicate than others. Some colors, red and black specifically, may also be more prone to breakage as they require being dyed multiple times.

Additionally, older thread becomes more dry and brittle as it ages. It is essential to use a high-quality thread that has been properly stored to prevent premature aging.

Repeated thread breakage can be a frustrating problem for anyone trying to work on sewing machines like the Janome Magnolia 7318. If the thread on your machine continues to break, consider the common reasons listed above as to why this may be happening and try to resolve the issue. Fortunately, troubleshooting quality Janome sewing machines for thread problems and other concerns is very easy to do!

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