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Everybody makes mistakes. When your mistake involves stitching done with a Janome embroidery machine like the Janome MC12000, you may wonder how to remedy the problem and salvage the fabric. The good news is that removing the stitching done on an embroidery machine is not as hard as it may seem. Follow the easy technique below and learn how to remove the mistake so you can try again.

Use the Right Tools

Success in removing stitching done on embroidery machines depends mainly upon using the right tools. Scissors and seam rippers will not help and can often damage your fabric. Instead, use a hobby knife with a new #11 blade, an electric stitch eraser tool, and a pair of splinter tweezers.

The stitch eraser looks like a miniature pair of hair clippers; however, the blade is set up differently so it can cut fine and tight threads. If you do not have a stitch eraser, you can use a hobby knife.

Cut From the Back, Remove From the Front

To remove stitching done on Janome or any other embroidery machines without damaging the fabric, always cut embroidery on the back of the fabric. This is because the bobbin stitches, which are the easiest to cut, are located on the back of the fabric. After cutting through the embroidery on the back of the design, you can then turn the fabric over and pluck out the cut threads by using the splinter tweezers.

Carefully Cut and Remove Stitching

Using the hobby knife with the blade facing up, start working on the back of the fabric while it is still in the hoop of your Janome MC12000. Carefully slide the tip of the knife under the satin or edge stitches one-by-one, cutting them as you go. Be careful not to push the blade through the fabric as you cut. Work around the outline of the design, cutting all of these stitches first. Next, turn the hoop over and gently pull out all of the cut outline stitches with the tweezers.

Once you have removed the outline embroidery, turn the fabric over and remove the fill stitches. If you have a stitch eraser tool, use it with the blade pointing down onto the bobbin stitches. It will quickly cut through these stitches, opening up the back of the design. If you do not have this type of tool, use the hobby knife in the same way as you did for the outline to slowly cut the fill stitches.

After all the embroidery has been cut, turn the stitch eraser over and use it like a hair clipper to shave the threads off close to the fabric. Once again, turn the material to the right side and pull the stitches out with the tweezers. If there are multiple layers, cut and remove one layer at a time for the best results that will cause the least amount of damage to the fabric.

By using the above technique, it is that simple to correct any mistakes made on a Janome embroidery machine to save your fabric and redo your design. If you do a lot of stitching on embroidery machines like the Janome MC12000, a stitch eraser may be a worthwhile investment. Although it will take you longer, an inexpensive hobby blade will work just as well. Always remember to work slowly, regardless of which method you use to prevent accidentally cutting or stretching your fabric!

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