Batch sewing with a Brother or Singer sewing machine is unique way to do all your same sewing tasks at in a more rapid fashion to save time and effort when sitting at your Arrow sewing cabinet trying to get your projects done.

It’s a useful technique for quilting, garment making, and any other project that involves doing the same task over and over again; it is something you should consider when making multiples or you just want to save some time and aggravation.

Want to breeze through the tedious parts of your projects and use the time you spend at your Arrow 98701 Bertha cabinet efficiently?

Set up a mini-assembly line and batch sew the similar parts of your projects at once and see how fast you get it done!

1. Divide Your Project Into Processes

Whether you are making tote bags or t-shirts with your Brother sewing machine, divide the project into a series of processes or steps, then do them one after the other.

Start with cutting out all your pattern pieces, press them all, then stack them so you can go to the next piece you need from each stack to speed up your process.

2. Assemble All Your Supplies

Begin each part of the process by gathering all the supplies and tools you’ll need so you won’t have to stop and look for things.

With your selection of sewing supplies as well as all cut and pressed pattern parts ready at your Arrow sewing cabinet, you can get things cut, pressed, pinned if necessary, then stitched and clipped without having to search all over for where you put that darn pair of scissors or where your spare loaded bobbins disappeared to!

3. Batch by Thread Color

When deciding on your batch process, make sure to batch what you take to your Singer sewing machine according to thread color because stopping to continuously change your thread color over and over will slow you down when you are trying to speed things up.

Ideally, batch sew projects made from fabrics of the same color, or that you can at least get away with using the same color thread; otherwise, you may not reap the benefits of batch sewing.

4. Skip the Pins If You Can

Some sewists swear by using pins, while others feel fine going without them.

If you’re one of the latter and skilled enough to get good seams without pinning, skipping the pins will definitely speed up your batch sewing process.

5. Start With the Harder Parts First

Once you have outlined all the steps in your batch process, start with the ones that will take you the longest to complete.

Sit down at your Arrow sewing cabinet with all pieces and supplies nearby and then start adding pockets, appliques, buttonholes, and buttons first before assembling the rest of the item.

Spend extra time on the details early before fatigue and the frustration of wanting to get finished can set in.

With those more challenging and time-consuming tasks out of the way, the rest will be smooth sailing!

6. Sew Flat to Keep Moving

Any time you have the option of sewing either set in sleeves or flat ones, opt to use flat for batch sewing.

You can get sleeves added in a jiffy without having to fuss with the challenging process of setting them in that will always slow down that part of the assembly process.

7. Pay Attention To Prevent Mistakes

Batch sewing can be great as long as you don’t put yourself so much on auto-pilot that you end up making mistakes without realizing it.

The worst part about such mistakes with batch sewing is that you might make them more than once and need to rip out as much as you just sewed.

Double (or Triple!) Your Production with Batch Sewing

Sewing with a Singer or Brother sewing machine can be leisurely and fun when you have all the time in the world to sit at your Arrow sewing cabinet and work at your own pace.

If you want to make multiples of the same thing or just simplify your sewing to make it less tedious, effectively-planned batch sewing can be a useful technique!

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