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If you are new to using sewing machines, you may be wondering if you can actually make beautiful clothing and other items like so most seasoned sewists. Sewing with Juki sewing machines like the all-purpose Juki HZL-F300 does take a bit of practice; however, it is also important to develop good sewing habits.

To achieve the best possible results while learning how to sew, avoid the common mistakes mentioned below that can leave you frustrated and wondering what went wrong.

1. Failure to Learn About and Follow Grain lines

Fabric grain is the direction that the threads are woven to become fabric. Grain affects the way different fabrics look after being stitched together using sewing machines and how well cut edges hold up afterward. Every pattern has clearly indicates how each piece should be cut in relation to the fabric grain.

Before starting your first project, take some time to learn about the various grains. It is also important to know how to determine the grain and find the marks on pattern pieces.

2. Not Following Pattern Instructions

Patterns are an important part of any sewing project. You cannot expect great results unless you purchase a good pattern that has been designed, tested and reviewed by a known patternmaker. To achieve best results, you must actually follow the pattern instructions. Invest in a good pattern and read all the instructions carefully before you begin to sew with your Juki HZL-F300. Follow the instructions explicitly so you do not miss any important details.

3. Not Measuring Correctly

Nothing is more frustrating for any sewist than completing a project and discovering it does not fit properly. As the saying goes: "measure twice, cut once." Whether you are making clothing, household accessories, or anything else, take time to measure and properly fit the item, then double check your measurements. If making a garment, measure the person you are creating a garment for and compare to pattern measurements. Make any necessary pattern adjustments before cutting the fabric.

4. Not Using A New Suitable Needle

There are many different types of needles that can be used on Juki sewing machines, each one for use on different fabrics. Prevent unnecessary problems such as damaged fabric, tension issues, and broken needles by installing a fresh needle after every one or two projects and making sure it is the proper type for your fabric.

5. Not Using the Right Presser Foot

Just like needles, the are many types of presser feet designed to do many different things. While you may be able to do most things with a universal foot, the right specialty foot can help you get better results from your efforts. Learn about the various presser feet that are available and invest in the ones that can help you sew smarter.

6. Sewing Too Fast

Just because sewing machines can sew fast does not mean that is the best choice. Unfortunately, this is one mistake that even seasoned sewists make. To prevent mistakes that can waste time and fabric, stitch slowly and be in control of the needle and fabric at all times.

The trick to obtaining the best results when using Juki sewing machines is knowing what to do and what not to do. When you are just learning how to use sewing machines like the Juki HZL-F300, avoid the common mistakes discussed above that can negatively affect your projects. The few extra minutes you will spend in preparation ahead of time will prevent many problems and frustration later on!

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Sewing Machines