Are you the type of person that doesn’t take a liking to computers and could care less if your equipment and tools in stitching have them or not? Do you absolutely despise the addition of computers within your sewing machines and practically anything else? Well, we have several Janome sewing machines for sale, many of which are fully equipped to handle whatever creative projects you have in mind for them, not to mention the materials you are working with.

Our Janome Jem Gold Plus 661G Trim & Stitch Sewing Machine is full of all sorts of ways that it can supply your creative endeavors with everything they’ll need to become tangible:

  1. Firstly, it offers a full 12 different stitches, which is a ton considering its size
  2. It is built with compactness in mind, which means that you’ll be able to travel and be creative with it at the same time
  3. Its 4-step buttonhole means that you’ll be able to produce some dynamically fashioned work
  4. Its Light Serging System (LSS) will provide you with everything you’ll need to stay completely cognisant of the work you’re producing, and in real time nonetheless
  5. In terms of having your tools, supplies and small materials on hand, it has a removable storage compartment for free arm sewing that is the very definition of convenience
  6. Its carrying handle means that you’ll be able to pick it up and move it at a moment’s notice
  7. With an easy stitch selector dial at hand, it’s no wonder why it is so easy to utilize for different stitches