Sewing Machine Accessories

Anyone who makes garments and projects with sewing machines knows that the sky's the limit when it comes to sewing machine accessories and stylish decorations. Even zippers can be stylish when used in different ways, including being left exposed. While most zippers are hidden beneath fabric that covers the teeth, leaving the zipper exposed offers a decorative option on certain clothing projects made on Janome sewing machines.

Hidden vs. Exposed Zippers

Most of the time, zippers being sewn on with sewing machines are hidden from sight so that teeth are not visible on the finished item. A hidden zipper is definitely preferable on skirts, pants, jackets, as well as most purses, totes, and other bags as covering the teeth leaves the garment or item design uninterrupted.

Covering the teeth also offers an element of protection while providing the function needed in that specific area. This is why exposed zippers are typically only found on handbags and similar items for decorative purposes only.

Add Style With an Exposed Zipper

When left exposed, the right zipper can look great on any garment or item, no matter whether the zipper is functional or not. Brass-colored metal zippers are commonly used on garments in place of buttons, as decorations on the shoulder or hip, on a pocket, and anywhere a little accent is needed.

These simple and inexpensive sewing machine accessories can easily turn a plain project into a cute, fashionable item. They are a great choice for creating something unique.

How to Add an Exposed Zipper

Putting in an exposed zipper by using a Janome sewing machine is actually much easier than adding a hidden one. It can be accomplished in just a few simple steps:

  • Make the Slit - Choose a zipper and cut the slit to size. On the back side of the fabric, baste around the area where the slit will go. Cut a piece of fabric about 2 inches longer and 1-1/2 inches wider then the slitch, match the right side of that piece of fabric with the right side of the slit line and pin into place. Stitch around the slit markings with a margin that is the width of the zipper teeth plus about 3/4 of an inch on either side. After stitching, trim the excess material from the inside area of the stitching and turn the facing piece over to the wrong side.
  • Insert the Zipper - Lay the worked opening onto the zipper, centering it both length and width wise. Topstitch around the edge of the slit to secure the zipper. Turn the item over and the zipper will be exposed on the right side with nice, neat stitching around the edges. The zipper tape is hidden while the teeth are exposed to make a fashionable statement.

Sewing machine accessories like zippers can be used in creative ways to make a wide variety of unique projects. One consideration is to stitch zippers using sewing machines to be something other than just functional or hidden. Exposed zippers make an attractive embellishment that can make sewing with Janome sewing machines even more exciting! 

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