Regardless of whether you are using your cheap sewing machine from Sew Vac Direct to create masterful outfits that belong in a museum or you just sew so that you can fix holes and hem your pants, there is one stitch that everyone should know –the hidden stitch. This is one of the most commonly used stitches, and it is has a variety of uses. Whether you are looking to finish a seam, close a pillow, or repair the lining in your favorite blazer –this stitch is absolutely necessary.

The first thing that you will need to do to master this stitch is to make sure that your sewing machine has a blind hem stitch foot. If your machine doesn’t have one, you can still do the stitch, but having the specific foot will make it much easier. ¬†Once you have determined if your machine has the right foot, you can follow these steps:

  • Fold the seam over twice, so that the edge is completely hidden, and then pin in place.
  • Fold the hem up, so that you can clearly see it, and turn it to the side, so that you can feed it into your sewing machine.
  • Place the hem directly under the foot, so that you can slowly move it along. Don’t forget to remove the pins as you go!
  • The underside of the hem will have a nice zig-zag pattern, but when you turn it right side up, you will hardly notice any stitch at all, hence the name, “hidden stitch”!