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Circles can be a scary and challenging task that can be hard to get right even when using great Janome sewing machines as they often come out looking wavy and lopsided. If you avoid sewing circles like the plague and maybe do not use them at all for fear of ruining your project, fear no more. By using the simple technique listed below, you can sew any size circle you want with Janome HD3000 sewing machines.

Sewing Circles Can Be Difficult

If you have ever tried stitching circles on your projects, whether making a decorative outline around something, sewing on a round quilt charm, or even adding a circular applique, chances are you were not pleased with your results. Circles can be hard to create on sewing machines because it is so difficult to make a perfect curve all the way around a piece.

Waves, flat spots, and other imperfections in the stitch line can ruin the look of your project because they are very noticeable. So is the answer to this dilemma to never sew a circle again?

Easy Stitched Circles Using Tack and Tape

Before you swear off circles for life, give the tack and tape method a try. It is simple and only requires a thumbtack and a loop of sticky tape. More importantly, you will be amazed at how perfect the circles you make with your Janome HD3000 can turn out by following the instructions below:

  • Make a Tape Loop - Using a piece of transparent tape or even a tiny piece of duct tape or any tape that has some stick, make a tape loop.
  • Stick Your Tack On - Using a plain thumbtack with a flat head, stick the head of the tack to the tape loop. You may be able to see where this is going at this point and wondering why you didn’t think of that.
  • Measure and Position Your Fabric - To place your stitched circle exactly where you want it, determine where the center of your circle will be and mark it. Once you have done that, position your fabric under the needle where you want to begin stitching and spread the fabric out flat on your table. Hold it in place by putting the needle down.
  • Stick the Tack Down - Push the tack upward through the marked center point of the fabric so it sticks up in the middle of the circle. Then stick the tape loop, with the tack stuck to it, to your sewing table. You are now ready to make the most precise circle you've ever stitched using Janome sewing machines.
  • Start Stitching - With the thumbtack acting as a spindle, start slowly stitching the fabric. Turn the fabric around the tack and stitch all around until you meet your first stitches and voila – a perfectly round circle.

The greatest thing about using this technique is you can use it whether using a straight or decorative stitch. You can even use it to make half or partial circles with your sewing machine when you want a curve to be perfectly smooth.

The next time your pattern calls for a stitched circle or you want to add a fabric circle to a project using a Janome HD3000 or other Janome sewing machines,do not fear. A thumbtack and tape can rescue you!

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