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Patchwork quilting has been around for a long time. Chances are that if you come from a family of quilters, your grandmother or great-grandmother probably did hand patchwork long before quilting machines were available.

The beautiful art of patchworking is still popular today, only now you can do it on fun Juki quilting machines like the Juki HZL DX5.

What Is Patchwork Quilting?

Patchwork is the process of sewing smaller pieces of fabric together to make a larger finished design. It commonly involves repeating shapes, sizes, and colors to create a pattern of assembled pieces.

In quilting, whether it is done by hand or using quilting machines, patchwork is used to make multiple large blocks that are assembled into a full-size quilt. It can also be used to make many smaller and more delicate pieces that combine to make a more intricate design. Either way, this technique can be used to sew exceptional pieces using a machine like the Juki HZL DX5.

A Bit Of Patchwork History

Although the history of organized patchwork dates to 11th century Europe when the technique was used to make clothing and blankets, the technique of stitching small pieces of fabric together to make larger ones has been around much longer.

Rudimentary examples of patchwork dated 5,000 years or older from ancient China and Europe prove that people have been doing patchwork for a very long time.

Patchwork grew in popularity in the 18th century after the invention of paper sewing patterns. With paper patterns available, more people were able to make clothing, quilts, and other useful items with patchwork as it let them incorporate scraps of expensive fabric into their pieces.

Patchworkers could increase the beauty and value of their items made with less expensive fabric without spending too much money.

Patchwork Quilting Today

Patchwork is a very popular technique now used to make beautiful fashion quilts with Juki quilting machines. It is cost-effective since it can be done with leftover fabric pieces from other quilts and sewing projects and reduces fabric waste.

You can get really creative with the designs and patterns you make piecing smaller fabric shapes together in any way you prefer.

By mixing florals, stripes, plaids, dots, and any other style, you can combine pieces either randomly or in some type of order to produce amazing wall hangings and quilts for everyday use.

Patchwork can be used to make quilted wearable garments, tote bags, baby blankets, and many other items. It is also a fun idea for embellishing clothing like jeans, denim jackets, skirts, etc.; adding color and pattern to upholstery; and giving style to many other items.

Whether you want to combine shapes, colors, and patterns randomly or plan a specific design with your fabric pieces, a patchwork quilt will be one of the most beautiful and memorable projects you make with your Juki HZL DX5. Other than learning how to work on easy-to-use Juki quilting machines, there are no rules in patchwork quilting which allows for great creativity.

If you are new to quilting with quilting machines and have not yet looked into patchwork, what are you waiting for? Learn how much fun your grandma had making patchwork quilts!

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