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Patchwork quilting is a technique that is fairly easy to do on quilting machines like the Janome 8900QCP and also a lot of fun. It is an uncomplicated method of turning small squares of fabric into gorgeous creations by using a few simple and repeated techniques. If you want the best results from the patchwork quilting you do on quality Janome quilting machines, all you need to do is perfect these four important skills discussed below.

1. Cutting the Pieces

Patchwork quilting is done by cutting out small fabric pieces, assembling them into larger blocks using Janome quilting machines, then assembling those blocks into patterns to complete the design. It is important to measure and cut all pieces accurately so they come together correctly and your project is properly aligned.

Press your fabric first so it is smooth and flat. Then use a clear acrylic ruler to mark it and provide a cutting guide. You will get the cleanest and most precise cuts when working with a rotary cutter and cutting mat. Cut all your pieces before moving on to the assembly process.

2. Assembling the Pieces

Once you have carefully cut out the small fabric pieces, start assembling them to make blocks. Whether you are stitching triangles into squares and then squares into blocks, or simply assembling multiple small squares to create blocks, take your time. Sew slowly on your Janome 8900QCP to make straight ¼-inch seams, stitching together enough pieces to make a block.

3. Pressing the Blocks

Pressing is a critical step that should never be omitted when piecing fabric with quilting machines. Before putting your fabric layers together to construct the main quilt, all the seams should be smooth and flat. The most efficient way to do this is by pressing the seams as you go.

Press smaller joined pieces first before assembling them into blocks. Once a block has been constructed, then press these seams. All seams on the back side of the block should lay smooth and flat. Press all blocks before you move on to connecting multiple blocks.

4. Checking for Square

One essential detail when patchworking on Janome quilting machines is making sure all the pieces are square before they are assembled. Crooked pieces and blocks can cause your entire project to be crooked or the top of the quilt to be wavy. Always check to make sure things are square as you sew to avoid this problem.

Using a clear acrylic grid ruler, align the cut squares or smaller stitched pieces into one corner to ensure the square you have made is truly square. Trim with a rotary cutter as needed. As long as you start off with square pieces and stitch straight, the quilt blocks should also be straight and assemble into a straight top piece.

Patchwork quilting with Janome quilting machines is easy when you pay attention to the four critical details discussed above that can affect the accuracy of the assembled pieces. While the rest of this process is the same as any other quilting style, successful patchworking means making sure you always work with squares or rectangles cut with correct angles. Follow the easy steps above and all the patchwork projects you sew on quilting machines like the Janome 8900QCP will turn out beautifully!

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