Buttons are made in thousands of shapes and sizes, from all types of materials. Choosing the right ones for a wide variety of projects made on sewing machines is just as important as the buttonhole itself. Before sewing any such garment opening with Janome sewing machines like the Janome MC14000, make sure to choose the right button first! The opening must be the right size in order for the two to work together flawlessly.

How Are They Being Used?

Most buttons fasten fabric together, although some can be used for decorative purposes. The first question that should be asked when deciding which ones to choose is what is their purpose. Will they be a functional or a decorative one? Functional ones need to be shaped and sized in such a way that they can easily slip through the opening and hold it, which is more likely to happen with sewing machines like the Janome MC14000. Buttons used for decoration only can be whatever shape and size is a good accent for the garment.

What Kind of Fabric Was Chosen?

Another factor in button choice is the type of fabric that is being used for the garment. Lighter and more fine fabrics such as cotton, rayon, and silk require smaller and more delicate fasteners. Large and bulky buttons may not look right on finer fabrics and cause the material to sag. Heavier fabrics like knits, denim, wool, or flannel need a somewhat larger fastener to hold them in place. Along with the size, how they will be sewn on, and whether this will be done by hand or by using Janome sewing machines, final button selection is affected by the size and type of fabric.

What Is The Type of Garment?

Beyond the kind of fabric being used, the type of garment that is being sewn is also very important when deciding on the right buttons. The size must match the fabric weight and should also match the garment style. Dress shirts, fancy blouses, skirts, slacks, and dresses require a more delicate or fancy type of buton than flannel shirts, casual shorts or tops, coats, or other outerwear.

What Is the Garment Style?

Besides the type of garment, the style must also be taken into consideration for appropriate button choice. Dressy and more formal garments should have delicate and more fancy closure devices made from premium material to retain that formal look. Casual garments look best with a more plain-looking button that will not be too dressy and out of place.

When taking these variables into account, choosing the right button for garments made on Janome sewing machines like the Janome MC14000 can take a bit of thought and pre-planning. To work correctly and look appropriate on the garment, these fasteners need to be the right size, shape, and style. Given the fact that there are probably millions of buttons for sale in notions shops across the world, choosing ones for garments created using sewing machines can be quite a creative adventure!

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