Using an embroidery machine can be loads of fun; however, it can also be intimidating especially if you are a beginner.

Whether you’ve just bought a machine, have one in your sights, or just recently moved up from a sewing/embroidery combo to something like the SWF MAS 12-Needle machine, you can create amazing embroidery easily if you take your time and start on the right foot.

Consider these helpful tips before unboxing your new machine to bee ready for success once you have it all set up and ready to go!

Start With The Right Supplies

One key to achieving success with any machine including a SWF embroidery machine is starting out with the right supplies and accessories.

Embroidery machines are temperamental, so it’s always best to give them what they want in terms of good supplies like high-quality embroidery thread, a brand new needle specifically for your machine, hoops designed to work with your machine, and some fabric with an appropriate stabilizer.

Practice using your new machine by stitching test designs until you have everything adjusted perfectly and are pleased with the results.

Then as you move on to some real projects, remember that the further you go from using those recommended supplies with your machine, the higher the risk is you could have problems.

Do experiment, but keep in mind that you get the best results when using the recommended supplies.

Start Simple And Learn As You Go

A common reason why people get frustrated with machine embroidery early on is that they take on too much and too soon.

No matter if you’re new to the whole idea or just moving up to a professional-type machine, start with something small until you get the hang of the machine.

Another tip: forget about the digitizing for now.

For some, the idea of having to digitize artwork for embroidery is a scary thing, so don’t worry about it for now and just use designs pre-digitized and ready to go.

The great thing about digitizing is that you don’t actually have to learn to do it if you don’t want to; many embroiderers have theirs done by a digitizer.

If you do want to learn, do it after learning how your machine is supposed to work and what are considered normal results in order to tell when there’s a problem with the artwork.

Accept That You Will Ruin Things

Again, embroidery machines can be temperamental; they want what they want.

That said, you can count on making a mess of more than a few designs, so always start off with test swatches while learning and before embroidering on your final piece of fabric.

You will get better over time; however, expect that mistakes will happen even if you’ve been doing machine embroidery for a long time.

Don’t beat yourself up over it; learn and move on.

Pay Attention To How The Machine Works

Another great way to learn about machine embroidery and the effect of different supplies, fabric, art, and settings is to watch it while it’s working.

Learn how the machine builds the design out of base and final stitches; see how different fabrics react as the machine is stitching.

When you see what a correctly stitched design looks like or observe problems developing, this will help you make better decisions when you start experimenting with different techniques and fabrics.

Machine Embroidery Is Challenging And Fun

With a high-quality embroidery machine like those made by SWF, you can create incredible designs on fabric items of all kinds.

It’s a fun and rewarding hobby that can even make money once you get proficient at it.

Just keep in mind that it can be challenging and there might be days when it seems ass if nothing will go right.

That’s when you just take a deep breath and a few steps back, work out the kinks, and start again.

The better you get at using your embroidery machine, the fewer problems you’ll have.

Now open up that box and get started!