Looking to involve yourself with the neighborhood sewing club? Are you tired of having to pay someone for some simple-to-moderate stitchwork? Are you ready to dive into a new obsession and explore yourself? Are you finally ready to see what you are truly capable of with your creative thoughts? Well, regardless of whether any or all of these are correct or incorrect, our Janome sewing machines are the best way for you to explore who you are and create some creative work. They come from a long-standing producer of sewing machines, one that has made it their duty and mission to build some of the strongest, advanced and specialized sewing machines known to mankind.

A good way to dive into this newly found obsession of yours, is to buy a refurbished machine for cheap. Our refurbished sewing machines are some of the most upgraded and part-replaced machines of their kind. In the market today, it’s truly hard to beat what our refurbished machines offer. They have been thoroughly analyzed, critiqued and assessed for any and all damages. This way, we’ll be able to see what needs complete replacement or just a reconfigurement.

Our Janome 8050 is a refurbished machine and it has a ton of advantages that a newly-found seamstress will love to learn to utilize:

  • Its 3 one-step buttonholes are very useful
  • This refurbished machine only costs $249, which is an amazing price when compared to what it would cost brand new
  • There are 50 different stitches that you can work with
  • A balance setting will provide you with the easy balancing you’ll need to start this new endeavor in your life
  • Its see-through cover plate for the bobbin will make it really easy to see the work you’re doing