Sewing and quilting are very popular hobbies that are seeing much growth today, with more people learning how to best use sewing machines every day. Janome sewing machines are a great investment and can provide an endless outlet for fun and creativity. Yet like all other electric tools and appliances, they require the correct operation to prevent accidents. Before purchasing any sewing machine or sewing machine supplies, consider these important sewing safety tips to prevent injury to yourself or damage to an expensive machine.

Sewing Involves Sharp Objects

Besides the needles on the machine itself, sewing usually involves the use of pins, scissors, seam rippers, and other sharp objects. It is important to get into the habit of keeping these objects well-contained, picking them up immediately if they fall, and practicing careful use. Never hold pins between your lips and keep all sewing machine needles properly stored. Avoiding painful accidents requires paying attention and keeping sewing areas tidy.

Sewing Machines are Electric Appliances

Any electric appliance has the ability to cause electrocution if cables are not properly stored. This also includes any type of sewing machines, including the Janome models. Always unplug a machine when it is not in use to prevent it from accidentally being turned on, or even to avoid damage caused by a lightning strike to the house. A surge protector is a great idea for today’s sewing machines that contain computerized parts which can be destroyed by power surges.

Learn Correct Sewing Machine Use

Sewing machines are expensive, so machine owners will want to take special care of their machines to prevent damage that could be costly to repair. All machines should be operated using the proper sewing machine supplies and only according to the manufacturer’s directions. Never sew over pins, as these could break and drop to the floor or become stuck in the machine. Also, never sew through more fabric than a machine is designed to handle. Doing so can cause serious damage to the machine, as well as injury to the person using it.

Avoid Distractions While Sewing

Proper use of a sewing machine requires careful attention to avoid making mistakes that could result in damage to the machine or painful injuries. Sew in a location where concentration is possible and distractions are minimal, for safest machine operation.

Keep Pets and Kids Away From Sewing Machines

For greatest safety, is it important to keep small children and pets away from sewing machines, both while in use and when stored. Pets could chew on electrical cords, which is a definite safety hazard for the pet as well as for the person using the machine or plugging it back in. Children could attempt to mimic parents or adults using a sewing machine and be seriously injured if they manage to operate it. Pet hair can also get inside the inner workings of a sewing machine and cause problems later. Always unplug sewing machines after every use and for greatest safety, keep them inaccessible to pets and children.

To fully enjoy Janome sewing machines, or any other sewing machines, it is important to follow some basic safety precautions. Always refer to the instructional manual that comes with a machine or sewing machine supplies, and operate these machines according to use and safety directions. By avoiding injuries and keeping these machines in great shape, owners can expect to enjoy them without incident for years to come!


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