The reason for owning a sewing machine cabinet is because it typically encompasses both a sewing machine table and a sewing machine cabinet. Even though there are many more reasons, this one stands alone in its duality. The provided benefits that come from such an all-inclusive aspect to a constructive build such as this are astronomical, especially when contrasted with other forms of sewing aids.

One of our most beneficial sewing machine cabinets is our Fashion Sewing Cabinet’s 7400 Space Saver Sewing Cabinet, which includes:

  • A very useful design that helps the user rotate around it comfortably, whether it be on foot or on a chair
  • An opening top that doubles as an additional working space, basically doubling the amount of surface space
  • When you are not working, the machine can be lowered away inside
  • Its pocket door saves even more space
  • It comes with a manually-operated electric lift, but you can get an auto lift for an additional cost if wanted
  • Its angled door allows for a very small size when closed
  • Its ample leg room allows for the openness needed to work while being comfortable
  • The leg room, while open, helps to add extra support to the leaf itself

Some of the other accessories for this fantastic cabinet are extremely useful under highly intense sewing sessions. Its insert 2 system and accessory bins provide the support needed when you’re producing large amounts of stitched material. The U-casters also make everything far more agile and mobile, which means that you’ll be able to traverse throughout your work at a far easier pace.