For just a small amount of money, you’ll get a cheap sewing machine that is made to last generations. As long as you take care of it and keep it maintenanced, our sewing machines are some of the most dependable and long-lasting machines available on the market. When it comes to making a decision on purchasing a machine for a reasonable price, you can be confident in knowing that we’ve taken the time to choose each and every machine we distribute very carefully!

One of our machines that won’t cause you to break the bank but will also give you the technological features you’re looking for, is our Janome Memory Craft 6300. This computerized machine has everything an avid sewist would want or need, as its beneficial features are many:

  • It only costs $999, which is an amazing price for what you get in return
  • The $999 it costs is $700 less than its recommended retail value, which saves you plenty of money and gives you more to spend on materials
  • It has an immaculately made and constructed independent motor for bobbin winding
  • You can make edits to your stitches individually, which aids in making productions faster
  • An electronic foot controller helps smooth-out the working of the materials
  • With 63 possible stitches, you’ll be able to have extremely dynamic possibilities
  • With the availability for memory, its automatic thread cutter is technologically advanced and very useful
  • A visible pressure gauge will allow you the chance to look and see how much pressure you’re really putting on each stitch, which can dramatically help the efficacy of each stitch