Pins are one of those essential supplies needed by everyone who sews. Most people have them by the hundreds because of the important role they play in creating projects when using Janome sewing machines like the Janome Magnolia 2212. What many people may not realize is that the incorrect use of pins can damage a sewing machine. By using the following advice, it is possible to protect sewing machines by using pins the right way.

Pins Can Damage Sewing Machines

Even though they are small and thin, pins can wreak havoc on a sewing machine in a couple of ways. Stitching over pins often results in bent pins; however, even greater damage can happen. Besides a pin that can be tossed out and replaced with another one, this practice commonly causes broken or nicked sewing machine needles that then pull on fabric during stitching. The heads of a pin can even get stuck under or between the bars on a pressure foot or in the shuttle, causing jams.

Hitting a pin while stitching can affect the machine’s timing, creating a more serious problem. When the needle does not rise and fall at t he same time as the bobbin, it cannot pick up the lower thread to create a stitch. Unfortunately, timing issues with sewing machines require professional repair. Rather than risking such issues, it is better to learn how to pin properly.

Pinning the Right Way

To avoid costly damage to Janome sewing machines, sewists should learn correct pinning techniques and avoid stitching over them. There seems to be a huge controversy over parallel pinning versus perpendicular pinning, both of which can be effective techniques. Overall, perpendicular pinning offers a few more advantages.

Parallel pinning may seem easier; however, it has a number of faults. It allows the fabric to slide and shift, making it more difficult to locate pins to pull out while sewing. Seamstresses must frequently pause to get the pins out to keep from stitching over them and potentially hitting them with the needle. This wastes time and slows down the process.

Pinning perpendicularly to the stitch line holds the fabric more securely, preventing the layers from shifting while being sewn with a Janome Magnolia 2212. They are also less likely to be hit by the needle since they are very easy to slide out with a flick of a finger just before the presser foot nears the pin.

Perpendicularly placed pins give fabric more flexibility when pinned on the allowance portion of any seam, a few millimeters from the stitch line. This also makes moving a project around on the table easier and results in fewer dropped pins, fewer misplaced stitches, and fewer accidental pin pricks.

The fact is that every time stitching over pins is always taking a gamble on dulling or breaking the sewing machine needle or causing other more serious damage to sewing machines. The best way to protect any Janome sewing machines like the Janome Magnolia 2212 is to pin the proper perpendicular way. When done correctly, sewists can better secure the fabric and slip pins out quickly so there is no need to sew over them. The best result of proper pinning is to avoid costly machine damage without ever having to slow down!

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