A question considered by experienced garment makers is whether they should invest in serger sewing machines. The Janome 8002D serger can be very helpful for making strong, professional looking seams and finished edges; however, sergers only perform a few specific functions and are somewhat expensive. So to answer this question, each sewer must think about how they would use the machine and whether it provides important benefits that make buying one worth the cost.

Professionally Sewn Garments in A Snap

Sewists come in all varieties: some sew clothing and some sew many other projects. Although sergers are useful for a number of projects, their main use is in garment making. Most commercially produced clothing is seamed or edged on these type of machines because they produce the durable seams and cleanly finished edges associated with well-produced articles of clothing. Those who sew at home can get that same factory-made appearance with a machine like the Janome 8002D serger, improving the look, quality, and durability of their handmade garments.

Perfect for Knit Fabrics

Serged seams are completely finished, durable, and flexible. This is especially important for anyone who enjoys working with knit fabrics that can stretch when stitched. This fabric requires a more durable seam that can prevent the edges from stretching too much and fraying.

Serger sewing machines offer solutions for both of these concerns. Finished seams and edges are flexible, providing some stretch that moves with the fabric without causing the stitches to break. When used as an edge finish, serging produces an attractive overlock stitch that encloses the raw edge and stops fraying. In addition, serging prevents the uncomfortable and unsightly curled edges that are common with knit fabrics.

Fast, Easy, and Strong Seams

Another main benefit of using sewing machines such as the Janome 8002D serger is convenience. Even though everything these machines do is technically achievable with a standard machine equipped with the right attachments, sergers do it all at one time. Sergers automatically cut a clean edge on the fabric edge or seam allowance, then sews it with a strong overlock stitch comprised of multiple threads. Someone who only needs this function occasionally could just do these steps manually; however, a person who sews a lot and primarily produces clothing will really appreciate the speed and convenience these machines offer.

By offering such significant benefits, machines like the Janome 8002D serger can be a worthwhile purchase for the right sewer. They may seem costly to some; however, for those who need durable finished seams on various types of fabric, the cost is justified. The answer to the question of whether a person should buy a serger sewing machine lies in knowing how can be used and how much time and effort they can save. Some of those who own sergers wonder how they ever survived without one!

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