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A boxed corner is a great technique to use when making tote bags and similar projects. This can be done by using all-purpose sewing machines like the Juki HZL DX5. These corners provide more space in the bag by adding dimension. They also look more professional in comparison to simply sewing two flat pieces of fabric together and creating a knife-edged look.

Boxed corners are not that difficult to make. To create great looking, yet simple boxed corners using Juki sewing machines, just follow these easy instructions that follow.

Step 1 - Sew The Fabric Together

With your fabric arranged right-side-out, sew the two layers together on your Juki HZL DX5 using a regular straight stitch at the required seam allowance. Turn the fabric to make right angles at the corners instead of sewing past them.

Step 2 - Pull Out and Pin the Corner

Still working with the fabric right-side-out, take it off the table and pinch the different layers on each side with your fingers, a few inches from one of the corners. Pull the fabric apart so a little peak forms in that corner. At this point, the seam will run down the middle of both sides of the peak. Line the seams up to lay across each other and pin them in place so they stay aligned in order to get a straight corner.

Step 3 - Mark the Corner

Before cutting or sewing anything on your sewing machine, mark the fabric peak according to how deep you want your boxed corner to be. This is the width that you would like your tote to have once the corners are made.

Using a clear ruler, slide it down along the peak until the top of the ruler reaches that measurement. Mark a line with a fabric pencil or marker creating a little triangle. Another option is to measure from the tip of the peak downward, marking at half the width you actually need. Both measurements create the same width in the corner.

Step 4 - Stitch the Corner

After you have marked your intersecting line indicating the width of your boxed corner, carefully stitch along that line with your machine. Boxed corners can be a stress point on tote bags and other items made with Juki sewing machines. To add strength to the corner, it is a good idea to stitch the seam a few extra times.

Step 5 - Cut the Corner

Once your corner seam has been stitched multiple times, trim away the excess fabric at the point. Leave the same amount of seam allowance that you left when initially stitching your fabric together so everything is even and your seam stays strong. You should be able to pull the corner apart now and see that it forms a little box.

Step 6 - Open the Boxed Corner

After trimming away the excess fabric and pulling open the sealed corner, turn the fabric inside-out so the finished side and seams are all on the inside of the fabric. Carefully push out the boxed corner. It should open into a nice, deep corner with neatly made seams. Repeat the steps in the other corner and then complete the rest of your pattern.

By using this easy technique, anyone can make simple boxed corners on Juki sewing machines, like the all-purpose Juki HZL DX5 or most other sewing machines. This simple, quick method makes adding fancy boxed corners to your projects easier than you ever thought possible!

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Sewing Machines

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