Whether you’re just getting into sewing or have been at it for decades, you likely already know that there are countless sewing accessories out there for you to purchase and use.

It can be tempting, all those gadgets and notions and items that may or may not make sewing easier and more fun for you.

Rather than blow your budget on too many things that you won’t use that much, just spend on the things you will.

Here’s a list of the top 7 accessories for sewing that you’ll definitely want to have in your cabinet while you save the rest of your cash for more important things like more fabric!

1. Machine Cleaning Kit

Keeping your sewing machine clean and well-maintained is critical if you expect a flawless performance.

That said, a machine cleaning kit is the top sewing accessory you should have in your sewing cabinet so there’s never any reason to skip the cleaning.

You’ll avoid unnecessary sewing problems by periodically unthreading your machine, giving it a good cleaning, putting in a new needle, and then re-threading so it’s ready for use.

2. Seam Guide

Keeping a straight seam is not always as easy as you might think.

An easy aid for straight seaming is a seam guide, a useful Janome accessory or one that is available for most other machines as well.

Just replace your machine's included needle plate with a marked seam guide needle plate to make sure the fabric stays aligned as it passes to and then under the needle.

3. Set of High-Quality Presser Feet

A presser foot is the little metal or plastic foot on your machine that holds the fabric secure as it passes under the needle so the needle can penetrate it cleanly and make a good stitch.

A universal foot is most important; however, it's always good to have a kit of the most essential feet so you can handle different fabrics easily.

Choose front load or top load presser feet depending on how your bobbin loads in the machine, as each are made slightly differently.

4. Buttonhole Attachment

Although it’s technically a presser foot, a buttonhole attachment is another necessary sewing accessory you should have in your cabinet as it’s the easiest and most precise way for you to make a buttonhole.

They’re available as 1-step buttonholers to work on machines capable of a 1-step hole and 4-step buttonholers for less-equipped machines.

5. Zipper Foot

Another presser foot to have in your box of sewing accessories that might not come with a standard presser foot kit is a zipper foot that makes adding a zipper quick and easy.

If you can add zippers and make buttonholes, you can make just about anything with your sewing machine!

6. Walking Foot

Although a walking presser foot is one that’s most used by quilters to sew multiple layers of fabric together, it’s actually a very important presser foot to have in your cabinet no matter what type of sewing you do.

The walking foot passes easily over or walks over thick, bulky, sticky, and otherwise hard to sew fabrics without dragging or shifting the fabric as you sew.

7. Ruffler Attachment

Ruffles are a fun trim to add to clothing, home decor, and many other sewing projects if you know how to do it.

You can always fold and stitch your trim fabric by hand, but wouldn’t it be easier if there were a gadget that did all that automatically?

Well there is and with a ruffler attachment in your box of accessories, you can add strips of fabric ruffles in seconds to make any project fun and fancy.

Enjoy Using These 7 Must-Have Sewing Accessories!

Once you’ve been sewing for a while, you’ll likely collect lots of sewing accessories of all kinds for your machine, from specialty presser feet to gadgets that can help you do certain tasks faster and easier.

That said, understand that you don’t have to purchase a lot of fancy accessories to make great projects.

All you need are a few essentials like the ones mentioned above.

Stretch your sewing budget as far as you can by avoiding spending on the things you don’t need and choosing instead the things that will help you the most!