Sunday, June 16 is Father’s Day and what better way to honor the Dad in your life than with a hand-sewn gift your created on your Juki sewing machine?

While it’s true that a father will love anything you make for him with your sewing machine, surprise your Dad with a gift that really pleases.

With a Janome sewing machine and the right fabric, you can create thoughtful and useful masculine gifts that any father would be delighted to receive.

What Are Some Manly Gift Ideas?

The first step to sewing a thoughtful Father’s Day gift for your Dad is deciding on a fun item he will enjoy and be able to put to good use.

Some popular yet simple sewing projects for the men in your life that you can make on a Juki sewing machine include:

Tablet Bags and Covers - One of the easiest gifts to make for some technology-loving Dads are tablet bags and covers or even laptop bags.

Made from heavier weight fabrics like wool, suit fabrics, or soft canvas and duck, a pouch tailored to fit a tablet and its accessories that folds and snaps closed is a popular idea you can whip up in just an hour or two.

Personals Zip Pouches - Zip pouches for toiletries and other personal items are another thoughtful and popular idea that are exceptionally easy to make with little more than a small amount of fabric and a zipper.

To fancy yours up, add some leather trim to the corners or along the zip line to give it some class.

Small Travel Bags - As a step up from the zip pouches, you can also make smaller travel bags that can hold larger essentials or even a day’s outfit including pants, shirt, shoes, and belt to travel out-of-town or just from work to the gym.

Canvas and duck are great fabric choices for these cases to keep them durable and able to hold a larger amount of personal items.

Man-Sized Quilts or Blankets - To keep Dad cuddly on the couch while watching his favorite sports, what about working up a large fleece blanket or a manly quilt on your sewing machine?

Sports team colors, hunting, boating, or golf motifs are especially popular with many Dads; just find a pattern that yours will enjoy and turn it into a gift that will share your warmth all year long.

Other Ideas - You could also create on your sewing machine golf towels, couch or armchair organizers, BBQ aprons, gym bags, sporting goods totes, wallets, lunch totes, and more.

Choose A Masculine Fabric

After you’ve decided on an appropriate gift to make for your father with your Janome sewing machine, find a nice fabric that will fit its both him and the item perfectly.

Preferable choices include fabrics used to make menswear like wool, tweed, flannel, as well as canvas, duck cloth, suede, leather, and other utility fabric that would suit these hand-sewn gifts.

For some items like the smaller zip pouch, you can even upcycle old silk ties to create fancy pouches that match Dad’s wardrobe.

Stick to standard male colors like blues, greens, maroons, grays, and any popular male-oriented patterns that are attractive but not “cutesy” or feminine-looking.

A good reference point is to look at the colors and patterns hanging in dear old Dad’s closet and go from there.

You can also refer to his favorite sports teams, hobbies, and activities to find fabrics inspired by those as well.

Get Stitching for Father's Day Now!

Father’s Day is June 16th, so if you’re going to make Dad a special something with your Juki sewing machine, it’s time to start planning now.

Fortunately, quite a few of these projects can be whipped up fast and easy on your sewing machine.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect fabric, you can have things measured, trimmed, and sewn in a matter of hours.

This year, make Dad’s Day special by giving him a handmade gift that will impress him and enjoy using!


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