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Hemming is an edge finishing technique used by just about everyone who creates projects using sewing machines. It can also be frustrating to do, especially when your hem turns out crooked or the fabric bunches or wrinkles while you are stitching it. Enter the Hot Hemmer. This accessory makes hemming on Juki sewing machines like the Juki HZL F300 so much easier and can be used for making any hem. You will wonder what you ever did without it.

The Frustration of Hemming

If you have been sewing for any length of time, you are aware of how challenging and frustrating hemming can be. Pressing the folds first is recommended; however, even if the edge of the fabric is cut unevenly, you could still end up with a crooked hem. Corners are more difficult as accurate press lines are critical to making the perfect hem.

Practice does make perfect when hemming on Juki sewing machines; however, there are also great tools out there that can make it easier.

What Is A Hot Hemmer?

A hot hemmer is a nifty little tool that might just make all of your hemming frustrations a thing of the past. The hot hemmer is a heat resistant ruler made of acetate plastic and designed to take the question out of hemming. It is made with a square corner and a curved one and has long sides that are marked so it can be used to measure your fabric edges to always get a straight seam.

The ruler also includes a precise 45-degree angle, an interior right corner, and is conveniently marked with the most commonly used hem measurements. This little tool is designed to help you make perfect folds. It is also a huge time saver that will help you make great hems no matter what type of project you create on your Juki HZL F300.

How to Use A Hot Hemmer

Using the hot hemmer could not be simpler. Start out by laying out your fabric so the wrong side is facing up, then put the ruler on top. Next, simply wrap your fabric upward over the edge of the ruler and use the guide marks to get the edge straight. Press the fabric with a hot iron and make a nice, crisp edge. Do this along the length of your fabric and you should have few problems getting a perfect hem.

By using a hot hemmer ruler, your corners and curves will also turn out perfect. If you press the two sides of your fabric first, then tuck and align your corners using the diagonal corner guide on the ruler, you can fold and press your fabric into position to make a precise angle. Making a curve involves little more than forming the fabric around the curve and pressing it down in uniform, tucked layers that can be easily stitched into place.

If you have been battling unruly edges and crooked hems when making projects on your Juki HZL F300, the hot hemmer is for you. This handy little ruler can take all the frustration out of making perfect hems for stitching on sewing machines. All you need to create a precise hem is an iron, a hot hemmer, and a quality Juki sewing machine!

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