If you ask sewists what the most tedious task involved in sewing garments and other projects with a machine like the Juki HZL-355Z is, many will say it’s the measuring.

Measuring is time-consuming and can be a little frustrating as well when what you really want to do is just get your pattern pieces cut and start sewing with your Juki sewing machine.

The truth of the matter is that you’re not going to like the finished results if you don’t slow down to measure and do it correctly.

Great sewing is all about being concise and that starts with opting for careful measuring over eyeballing.

The Problem With Eyeballing

Although a lot of us are guilty of doing it especially when it comes to estimating seam allowances, eyeballing is bad news.

Unfortunately, it’s news that usually doesn’t come out until the end after you’ve cut a pattern piece or sewn a seam with your Juki HZL-355Z; suddenly, things don’t look right or didn’t come together the way they should have.

Now there’s time wasted since you have to rip the seam out and start again, not to mention potentially ruined fabric as well.

In the worst cases, you might even finsh your item only to find it doesn’t fit right - then what?

These and other problems can be avoided by taking those extra few moments to measure the right way first.

Improve Accuracy with Concise Measurements

Now that you’ve resolved to measure everything before you sit down at your Juki sewing machine with your pattern pieces, make sure you do it the right way.

Invest in quality measuring tools like clear quilter's rulers in various sizes plus triangles and curves as you need them; marking pens and pencils that can be used with your fabric; a high-quality measuring tape if you don’t already have one; and whatever other measuring tools you need for the job.

Use Some Measuring Hacks to Speed Things Up

Since most of us cheat with measuring to “save time,” why not try a measuring hack that will still help keep things accurate?

  • Measuring Tape Width - Did you know that most measuring tapes are ⅝” wide, the width of a standard seam allowance? This is no coincidence but instead a method you can use to measure and mark accurate seam allowances around your pattern pieces quickly and easily.

  • Basting Around Pressed Edges - Rather than eyeballing edges that you need to fold under for pressing, do a quick basting stitch around the edge with your Juki sewing machine, positioning the stitches where you need to make the fold. You can use the guide on the needle plate to keep the fold line consistent, then just fold and press at the stitches and remove the basting.

Make Sure to Measure for Best Results

The long and short of it, pun very intended, is it’s really important to measure accurately when sewing clothing or anything else if you expect great results.

Slow down and take the time to make sure you’re cutting, stitching, and pressing correctly and then everything you make on a Juki sewing machine like the Juki HZL-355Z will be a testament to your amazing sewing skills!


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