Presser feet are important sewing machine accessories that help create custom, finished garments and items. There are many types of presser feet available for sewing machines, all of which perform specific functions to help make sewing easier. Every sewing machine comes with a standard presser foot; however, there is a world of function and fun in exploring the many other presser feet available - and just what they can do.

What Is A Presser Foot?

A presser foot is a metal attachment that fits onto a sewing machine. Its main purpose is to hold fabric flat as it is being fed underneath the feed dogs during the sewing process. A presser foot helps to feed fabric in a straight line as the feed dogs advance it, so the stitches sewn will be straight. Most sewing machines come with a set of basic presser feet for standard use. Yet there are many other types of presser feet available for today’s sewing machines, each simplifying a specific task or stitch.

Different Types of Presser Feet

Of all the sewing machine accessories available today, none are easier to use and more versatile than presser feet. Presser feet can be easily removed and exchanged based on the way these attachments work. Some machines require specific presser feet, while others accept universal ones. In either case, there is a great variety of helpful presser feet for use on all sewing machines:

  • Common Presser Feet - Some of the more common presser feet available are the standard, all-purpose or universal foot for straight and zigzag stitching. A zipper foot is available for attaching zippers. There are also presser feet for sewing buttonholes and buttons. These are two different attachments to first sew the buttonhole and then sew on the button. Additionally, there are various hem feet that fold fabric over and feed it under the needle to create a neat hem. For those who do not own a serger machine, there is also an overlock foot which somewhat mimics the stitch of a serger machine and is especially useful for sewing hems on knits and other stretchy fabrics.

  • Specialized Presser Feet - For those who sew more advanced items or for adding trim, there are quite a few specialized presser feet that perform time saving tasks. Some of these include the quarter-inch seam foot, especially useful to quilters as it creates a precise, tiny quarter-inch seam. There is also the ribbon and sequin foot which aligns ribbon or sequin tape so it can be sewn on straight; the beading foot, which aligns and sews over bead and pearl strands to affix them to fabric; and various edge and border guide feet that assist in creating straight lines of stitching and sewing along straight borders. 

Presser feet greatly expand the abilities of sewing machines, making them much more versatile. To get the most from a sewing machine and create the most professional looking garments and other items, machine owners should look into the many sewing machine accessories available to them. Presser feet are affordable, convenient accessories that snap or bolt on to give every sewing machine greater sewing capability!

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