Sewing Cabinets

One challenge some sewists face when using their machines is a lack of adequate work space. If you are dealing with a similar dilemma, you may want to look into Arrow sewing cabinets like the Arrow 98701 Bertha White. While initially sewing cabinets may seem to be just another expense to start sewing, they really offer many benefits.

To get the most from your machine as well as the time you devote to your craft, it requires the perfect workspace.

Comfortable Access

The most important reason why sewists should consider purchasing sewing cabinets is to have a sturdy, comfortable surface on which to sew. A sewing cabinet offers you a large work surface to spread out on and a surface at the height required to prevent back strain or other aches and pains. Most cabinets provide ample storage for important accessories to be within arm’s reach.

They are designed to accept a sewing machine into the tabletop. The convenient drop-down function that many cabinets feature also provides important protection for your expensive sewing machine.

Compact Design

Another reason why you should consider investing in a sewing cabinet like the Arrow 98701 Bertha White is because it can solve crafting space issues in your home. When you need a good workspace for your machine but do not have a lot of space, a multi-purpose cabinet is often the best solution. Most cabinets can be set up in a variety of ways depending on how much space is available.

Cabinets can be opened up all the way and set up in a dedicated crafting room or the sewing table can be used to hold your machine while the storage space and any table extensions stay closed until needed. Many cabinets even close to conceal and protect your machine, dropping it down under the work surface. If your sewing room happens to be your bedroom or the living room, it can even double as a cabinet or surface for something else.

Many Different Options

There are many different choices of sewing cabinets. They come in various sizes and types, so you can certainly find one that fits your needs and budget. Arrow sewing cabinets come in many styles, including fold-up, portable carts, corner cabinets that close like computer armoires, and floor standing models that stay assembled all the time.

These sewing spaces range in size from just big enough to comfortably work on to more expansive styles that include additional work surfaces and storage space to provide a one-stop sewing experience.

Whether you have the luxury of spreading out in a dedicated crafting room or are limited on space, there is a sewing cabinet to meet your needs. Sewing cabinets like the Arrow 98701 Bertha White give you comfortable access and plenty of storage - and look great in your home. Arrow sewing cabinets are a great choice when you need a large work surface sufficient for setting up your sewing machine!

Arrow 98701 Bertha White Large Opening Airlift Cabinet & Extension

Sewing Cabinets