Creating things on sewing machines is a creative outlet that many people find enjoyable, even relaxing. Yet like any other type of machine, machines including Janome 9900 sewing machines, can have their share of problems and fail to work correctly. The good news is that there are usually a few simple reasons why they might not work properly. By using the following tips to resolve some more common issues that some sewing machines might experience, you will be back to stitching real soon.

Sewing Machine Repair and Maintenance

Whenever there is a problem with sewing machines, always stop and refer to the basic necessities required to keep them running properly. These things include a clean machine, a sharp needle, and correctly moving thread. Before wasting any time searching for other solutions to a problem, start out with these three simple things:

  1. Take the sewing machine apart and clean it to remove any dirt and lint.
  2. Install a new, sharp needle.
  3. Completely unthread and rethread the machine.

Often, by just performing these essential steps, seamstresses can resolve minor issues with their Janome and they will function perfectly again.

Thread Keeps Breaking

When the thread keeps breaking using the machine, the problem is likely related either to thread tension, how the thread is threaded, or a problem with the needle. First make sure the needle is sharp and suitable for the thread being used and the fabric being used. Next, completely rethread the machine. If this still does not remedy the problem, check the thread tension to ensure it is correct and that the stitches are coming out even. Be sure to use high quality thread, which is less prone to breakage on Janome 9900 sewing machines and most other machines.

Needle Keeps Breaking or Bending

If the problem is the needle, once again begin by making sure the needle is sharp and suitable for the fabric being sewn and the thread being used. If you are attempting to sew through too many layers of fabric, consider either changing the needle or using a different presser foot. Be sure the correct presser foot is being used and the needle is not hitting the foot and breaking.

Uneven Stitches or Skipped Stitches

Uneven stitches or skipped stitches are other common problems related to the needle. These symptoms indicate that the needle is not the correct one for the fabric and need to be replaced in order to sew correctly on Janome sewing machines. Stop and make sure the needle is sharp and suitable for the fabric type and thickness; change to a more suitable needle if necessary.

Fabric Bunching

Another frustrating problem that is sometimes encountered with sewing machines is when the fabric looks fine from the top, yet underneath is all bunched together. This is caused by incorrect thread tension. To remedy this issue, completely unthread the machine. Then follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to set correct thread tension.

Sewing machines are relatively simple machines with very few functional problems overall. When they do function improperly, it is usually due to a few common yet easily remedied issues. Whether using Janome 9900 sewing machines or other Janome sewing machines, refer to these easy tips to troubleshoot the problems and get sewing again!

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