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One of the best things about using sewing machines like the Juki TL2010Q is the endless variety of fabrics and notions available for making one-of-a-kind items. Coming in at a close second is how many presser feet are available. Presser feet perform specific functions to make sewing on Juki sewing machines easy and fun.

If you think you must rely on the universal foot that comes with your machine for all work, read ahead and consider the many possibilities of specialty presser feet.

Start with the Basics

Before venturing on to more specialized feet, start by learning what you can actually do with the following basic feet that come with most sewing machines:

  • All-Purpose - The all-purpose presser foot that comes with every machine is suitable for most types of sewing. What many may not realize is that the all-purpose foot on most models can be adjusted to make a zigzag stitch as well. This gives you two popular options for making straight seams or even decorative stitching with the same presser foot.
  • Zipper - Also generally included with most machines like the Juki TL2010Q is the zipper foot, which is an essential tool for quickly and easily adding zippers to any project. A zipper foot helps align your fabric and the zipper tape so you can securely sew it in without the difficulty that can come when stitching over bulky accessories.
  • Buttonhole and Button Sewing - Many all-purpose machines also include buttonhole and button sewing feet that allow you to expertly add buttons to your projects. They can be easily purchased to fit Juki sewing machines if not included in the starter accessory kit that comes with the machine.
  • Walking - Walking feet make sewing multiple layers of fabric easier by helping the feed dogs ‘walk’ the many layers along, preventing sliding and shifting. While these are most commonly used by quilters, they are useful for anyone who wants the best results when sewing on thick or layered fabric.
  • Blind Hem and Overcast - Both of these feet are useful when a serger is not available and are used to finish fabric edges with thread wrapping around the edge or stitching over it.

Specialty Options for Great Possibilities

In addition to the common presser feet mentioned above, you can accomplish amazing things with sewing machines by using specialty feet that produce all types of effects such as the following:

  • Gathering and Ruffler - These feet are used to gather fabric as it is being sewn, resulting in either small gathers along the seam or larger, more precise ruffles. These feet make creating this effect easier than doing it by hand with an all-purpose foot.
  • Ribbon, Sequin, or Beading - All three of these feet sew over various trim accessories that you may want to add to projects. The trim passes through the foot and is held steadily in place while the needle stitches onto or over the trim.
  • Edge Stitch - This foot gives you the ability to make an end-to-end seam of two pieces of fabric where the stitching crosses over both edges. This can be both functional and decorative depending on how you use it.
  • One-Quarter Inch - The one-quarter inch foot is the main foot choice of quilters for easily making the seams needed for piecing quilt tops together. The seam allowance produced by a standard all-purpose foot is larger than this.

Although these represent only a small selection of the presser feet you can use on your Juki TL2010Q or other sewing machines, one thing should be clear. When it comes to making amazing projects on Juki sewing machines, there is a presser foot to help with almost any type of stitching or fabric. Explore your options and take your sewing to the next level!

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