When you want to keep your stitch-work as simple as humanly possible, you’ll want to have a sewing machine table that’s supportive in each and every way. No one has tons of free time, which is why our time-saving tables are so popular in the industry of sewing and in the sewing community. Seeing that we get nothing but tons of positive feedback about our tables, we are more than confident you’ll find something that’ll suit your fancy and then some.

We can promise you that your passion for producing creative works is just as noteworthy as most of our other clients and customers, which is why we employ the acquirement of one of our tables, such as our Fashion Sewing Cabinets 810 Sewing and Work Table, as it encompasses:

  • It comes standard with a uniquely-designed and smooth-functioning drawer
  • If you have one of the new and large sewing machines that have recently come out in our market, this will perfectly suit its dimensional requirements
  • With a highly effective and strongly built #48h Quilt Leaf (45″ Wide x 19 3/4″ Deep), your inspirations will be all the more feasible
  • One thing you’ll fall in love with is this leaf extension, which adds another 19 3/4″ to its depth and does so easily
  • In terms of its overall dimensions, which constitute a lot of its possibilities for production, it is 60″ Wide x 19 3/4″ Deep x 27″ High
  • Plus, if you need even more table square footage, the optional model 48H hinged quilting table leaf is available as an upgrade