For those of you sewers that want to try the “pieced quilt” style of quilting on your next project, our Janome 1600P-QC and Grace Gracie King Machine Quilter Combo is the perfect way to achieve it. Since this form and style of quilting exhibits the necessity and/or relevance of sewing different types of fabrics in unison together, a combo package like this is just what the ‘sewing doctor ordered.’ Since this particular Janome sewing machine combo package has everything you’ll need to try different styles of quilting, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be acquired.

This Janome sewing machine comes with a ton of beneficial features that will help you explore “pieced quilt” styles of quilting and more:

  1. The type of block that you’ll be sewing with different fabrics will be easier to do so with the fast speeds that this machine provides, which is 1600 stitches per minute
  2. Whether you are producing half square triangles, strips, or tumblers, you’ll have a machine that is strong enough to handle these challenges
  3. Its side loading bobbin will permit you the easy access you need to complete a large project
  4. Its automatic thread cutter will cut at the top of the bobbin thread with just the simple push of a button

The Grace Gracie King track that comes with this combo package will help you produce quilts of different kinds by its many advantages:

  1. It’ll help you put your machine directly on its two sturdy plates, which have been designed to allow the user to track with ball-bearing rollers and do so smoothly
  2. There will literally be no wobbling involved with this aid at all
  3. The allowance of 20 inches from the two plates provide the advantage of being able to work from forward to reverse